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AP Properties Spain




Established in September 2021, AP Properties Spain swiftly became a prominent player in luxury real estate. Co-founders Aneta and Patrick are passionate about transforming the real estate experience, focusing on tailored solutions as the cornerstone of their success.

AP Properties Spain excels in tailoring services to meet diverse client needs, emphasizing personalized attention, discretion, and meticulous detail. Their unique property tour approach involves understanding clients’ lifestyles, preferences, and investment goals, ensuring bespoke experiences aligned with individual tastes.

Discretion is paramount, with the real estate professionals handling sensitive transactions confidentially, safeguarding clients’ privacy, and solidifying trust in their capabilities.

Offering a comprehensive suite of luxury real estate services, the company covers tailored property searches, custom property tours, market analysis, property management, legal assistance, interior design consultation, administrative services, financial advisory, and property marketing. Off-market opportunities are also part of their exclusive offerings.

Viewing each engagement as an opportunity to turn clients’ dreams into tangible realities, AP Properties Spain takes pride in transforming aspirations into homes that reflect the essence of luxury living, whether it’s a sprawling villa, chic city apartment, or exclusive beachfront retreat.

Emphasizing the human element in real estate, Aneta and Patrick are partners in the journey of finding the perfect property. Building lasting relationships, understanding evolving client needs, and adapting to the dynamic real estate landscape define the ethos of AP Properties Spain.

Beyond traditional consultancy, the company serves as an educator in luxury living, organizing workshops, webinars, and informational sessions to empower clients with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate world of luxury real estate, covering legal intricacies to market trends.

In line with sustainability, the award-winning firm actively seeks eco-friendly properties, providing clients with choices that align with responsible and sustainable living.

With 99% of their clientele from outside of Spain, AP Properties Spain has become a global name in luxury real estate, reaching European markets and extending to the United States and China.

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