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Palazzo Estate SRL




Palazzo Estate SRL is an Italian luxury real estate agency that received a 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Italy. Established in 2010, the company operates in Lombardy and Tuscany, captivating clients worldwide with their individualized approach and deep passion for Italy.

The CEO, Dr. Marina Yakovleva Rizzotto, brings her extensive experience in the luxury real estate market, backed by two economics degrees and a Ph.D. in international economics. The agency primarily serves customers from the United States and Europe but maintains offices in Milan, Como, and Marina di Pietrasanta, collaborating with leading agencies worldwide.

Palazzo Estate SRL goes beyond typical real estate services, providing an array of offerings for property buyers. They handle administrative and municipal aspects, offer legal advice, and organize renovations through renowned architectural firms. Confidentiality is paramount during all interactions.

With 13 years of excellence, Palazzo Estate SRL boasts an impressive portfolio of exclusive real estate sales. They attract clients from Europe, Asia, former Soviet countries, the USA, and Arab nations, catering to their diverse needs and preferences.

The agency’s services extend to property finding, home staging, and renovations, offering a comprehensive luxury real estate experience. Customized property management packages ensure clients receive top-tier services.

Palazzo Estate’s success is evident in the numbers: 1.5 million yearly visitors to their site, 656 properties in their portfolio, and a total portfolio value of 1.5 billion euros. Over the years, they have completed 180 negotiations, totaling 230 million euros in sales.

Palazzo Estate’s unwavering dedication to personalized service and their love for Italy make them the perfect choice for embracing the essence of Italian luxury living. With every property, they strive to turn a mere house into a cherished home, creating unforgettable experiences for clients worldwide.

Palazzo Estate SRL
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