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Helen Koss Interiors ltd




Helen Koss Interiors, a distinguished interior design studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is renowned for its innovative, inspiring, and client-centric approach to interior architecture and design. Since its inception in 2009 in Tel Aviv by founder Helen Koss, the studio has garnered accolades for its professionalism and aesthetic excellence. 

At Helen Koss Interiors, collaboration with clients is at the heart of every project. Partnering closely with clients, the studio strives to create breakthrough designs and strategies that not only elevate the aesthetics but also advance the client’s growth, culture, and success. Together, the client and the studio set priorities, defining budget and sustainability targets in meticulous detail. 

The studio’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of areas, including space optimization, accessibility and inclusion, sustainability, flexibility, energy efficiency, lighting design, and material selection. By anticipating future changes in working practices and space utilization, Helen Koss Interiors helps clients adapt more efficiently and intelligently, adding value and enhancing their ability to attract and retain employees and customers. 

With an unwavering commitment to creativity and trust, Helen Koss Interiors brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to each project. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as fashion, nature, film, art, and global culture, the studio creates bespoke designs that capture the unique essence of each space and client. 

Under Helen Koss’s leadership, the team crafts award-winning designs across various sectors, consistently exceeding expectations and standing the test of time. 

Helen Koss Interiors
Helen Koss Interiors
Helen Koss Interiors
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