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Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel




Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel in Italy is a picturesque retreat in a lovely historic town called Matera. With its rich historical heritage, Palazzo Gattini provides a private experience for those wishing to soak up the culture and passion of the town.

In the beautiful Duomo’s Square, Palazzo Gattini eagerly anticipates welcoming new guests, offering a breath-taking view of the Sassi, meaning “stones.” The hotel has been refurbished and renewed and now exudes sophistication and refinement, ready to receive local residents and travelers.

Guests are welcomed into the hotel by warm, gentle lighting, immediately inviting them to relax. Local craftsmen have created the intricate furnishings, and the mazzaro, a local stone has been carefully placed throughout the interior, transporting guests right back to ancestral old times. The hotel echoes the rupestrian churches in the area – a series of small sculptures are displayed in niches along one wall, adding to the decorative ‘language’ of the cathedral.

The rooms are spacious and elegant and classically combine modern amenities with traditional design and bespoke furniture.

Palazzo Gattini offers its guests top, customized services, and activities. There is a café and restaurant, and enchanting spaces for special events, and the spa is designed to look just like the traditional Roman baths.

“Make sure you take a moment to relax on the roof terrace and indulge in the sublime views.”

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