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Discover GetMyBoat, the ultimate water experience marketplace. With GetMyBoat, users can find and book boat rentals, jet skis, yachts, pontoon boats, and fishing charters effortlessly. Whether in search of a captained experience or a self-driven rental, GetMyBoat is the go-to platform. 

As the leading app for boat rentals and charters, GetMyBoat connects users directly with boat owners and captains, ensuring secure online bookings. With a staggering 150,000 listings in 184 countries and over 9,300 destinations, GetMyBoat opens up a world of possibilities. 

The company was launched in San Francisco in 2013, empowering boat owners of all types to list their watercraft for rent or charter, free of charge. From California to Croatia, users can easily search, find, and book their ideal on-the-water experience. 

The mission of GetMyBoat is to get more people out on the water. For boat owners, the platform provides an avenue to share their boats and generate income. For renters, it offers access to a wide array of water adventures without the need for boat ownership. 

Respect, trust, and collaboration form the foundation of GetMyBoat’s values. The team takes ownership and accountability for their work, always striving for excellence. The playful mascot, Joy™, symbolizes the enjoyment and fun associated with being near the water, while also representing the company’s dedication to protecting the marine environment. 

Joining the GetMyBoat community unlocks the simplicity of booking extraordinary water experiences. Whether planning a relaxing afternoon or an exhilarating celebration with friends, GetMyBoat is the ideal partner to make it happen. 

In the press, GetMyBoat has garnered praise from renowned media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, and The New York Times, earning a remarkable client rating of 4.9 out of 5, solidifying its position as the number one Boat Booking App globally. It has been hailed for revolutionizing the boat rental industry, simplifying the process for users. With a few taps on their phones, users can effortlessly find their desired experience in Miami or any other location. 

Embrace the joy of being on the water, whether embarking on a tranquil trip or an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Book now and relish the freedom and excitement of boating with GetMyBoat. 

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