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Lecca Singapore






From Women to Women, LECCA is a Singaporean brand that brings forth to you feminine essentials suitable for ladies of all age. What was once closeted, LECCA brings to the forefront as subjects of absolute prominence — Quality feminine care.

At LECCA, we see the hidden struggles and we hear your silent afliictions. Today, we‘ve done all the homework and the groundwork for you to develop products that may be handy throughout life. Scientifically infused with quality ingredients sourced specially from all around the world, LECCA products target multiple aspects of a woman‘s body (even intimate areas!) to help women live life to the fullest with confidence.

Vberries is a one-stop beauty drink for glowing skin and blooming feminine health. Formulated and manufactured in Singapore, Vberries is fit for all. Vberries contains silky Bird’s Nest with other high quality ingredients and is suitable for women ages 20s-60s.

Bringing vigour to both health and intimate areas, Vberries is infused with natural ingredients that are known to assist in tightening loosened pelvic floors (for anyone who has ever experienced childbirth or due to age) and increasing elasticity of the vaginal muscles. It also contains prebiotics for healthy digestion and high quality super berries and collagen for antioxidant and skin restoration, giving you rejuvenated skin, hair and nails. With Vberries, say goodbye to dry and dull skin!

Infused with the freshest pick of Lecca special blend of plant based ingredients and quality berries , we specially import quality ingredients from USA, Germany, France and Japan to give you all the best, liquified into a little bottle of beauty drink.

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