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Acetaia Del Cristo




Category: Best Luxury Balsamic Vinegar in the World

Acetaia Del Cristo is a magnificent traditional balsamic vinegar that tells an inspiring story. In their attics, there are several barrels that are certified and recognized since 1849, that belonged to Maria, the great-great-grandmother of the brand. Maria is a representative to whom the family’s memories and passion for Balsamic Vinegar date back.

Eugenio Barbieri, who is part of the family, continued the tradition and devoted himself to the cultivation of the vines inherited by the farm, to obtain the finest quality from the single ingredient at the base of their recipe; cooked grape must. Fast forward a few years after a union of two families, the Balsamic heritage gave birth to the Acetaia, known as “Acetaia del Cristo.” This is the most imperative and historical reality of Traditional Balsamic with its 2000 barrels dedicated to the highest quality product – “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP.”

Today, Daniele and Gilberto run the family business and personally take care of the operations of the entire production chain. They cultivate and use exclusive grapes from the organic vineyard, managing the maintenance of the 2000 barrels to the packing and marketing. They are committed to being ambassadors of traditional balsamic and bring their balsamic vinegar to the tables of famous and illustrious personalities all over the world.

The team allows their guests to book a guided tour where you can visit the Acetaia and be a part of the various stages of cooking where you can taste the authentic vinegar and buy it, which is a unique and special experience.

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