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Ventria Residence by LWK + PARTNERS






LWK + PARTNERS is a leading architecture and design practice rooted in Hong Kong. Its 1,100+ creative minds collaborate across a network of 12 offices around the globe delivering world-class solutions to the built environment. Its wide range of services include architecture, planning & urban design, interiors, landscape, heritage conservation, building information modelling (BIM), brand experience and lighting design.

With over 35 years of growth, the practice has completed many outstanding projects across different sectors, such as mixed-use, commercial, residential, education, transit-oriented developments, and leisure and public facilities developments.

LWK + PARTNERS is a member of C Cheng Holdings Limited (HKEX stock code: 1486), the first listed architectural services provider in Hong Kong and mainland China. Strong synergies and unified capabilities within the group offer unique advantages for the practice to spread leading design power around the globe.

About Ventria Residence

Ventria Residence is conceived as a medi-hotel-like facility with a senior hostel, residential care homes for the elderly (RCHE) plus a redeveloped church building. It offers a combination of living modes with a continuum of quality eldercare and communal spaces for a dignified and fulfilling high-end residential experience.

It comprises a single 22-story high-rise building, offering 168 units alongside care facilities, recreational and shared social spaces for residents to mingle and interact, promoting an active ageing lifestyle with all-round wellbeing. Functional spaces are strategically placed on different floors, dividing the building into RCHE floors, senior hostel floors and amenity floors. All spaces are vertically connected by a building core to facilitate efficient circulation and operation, maximizing the level of convenience for the residents.

LWK + PARTNERS creates infinite possibilities.

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