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Bainona Engineering Consultancy




Category: Best Luxury Architect and Engineering Consultancy in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Bainona Engineering Consultancy (BEC) is a luxury engineering consultancy based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The company is regarded as a ‘special grade’ consultant in the fields of design, construction supervision, cost consultancy, contract management and contract administration.

The company’s aim is to “inspire the skylines of tomorrow by setting the standard for engineering services today.” Established in 1994, their values, history and admirable expertise have solidified their revered reputation.

The impressive company extends an array of engineering services, and they are also able to perform specific sustainable services, some of which include thermo modeling, waste energy, and daylight modeling. They believe that “sustainability is at the heart of good design.”

At BEC’s core is a passionate and diverse team made up of highly educated individuals that have gained vast experience within their respective fields. They receive continuous training to keep up with the most current trends regarding green buildings and worldwide sustainability codes.

Bainona’s vision is to enrich the appearance of today’s modern cities by offering designs that exceed client expectations. Their mission is to always involve their clients in the project development process and to ensure that the highest standards are met in accordance with the required regulations.

BEC makes every effort to combine modern and traditional ideals in its designs, setting them apart from competitors.

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