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Pure Architect



Pure Architect Co., Ltd. is an architectural firm based in Thailand. The established company has recently received a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) for Ekkamai Terrace House in Thailand.

The project commenced in midyear 2019, and is, as of midyear 2022,  approximately 70% complete. Located in Ekkamai, Bangkok, the project is an entirely new build, and Pure Architect is providing architectural design, site planning, and interior design services for the project. The architecture firm is working in collaboration with developer, Terrace Living Development.

The development consists of two separate houses located within a prime area in Bangkok. They were designed and created, sharing the same land with limited space, but the space and houses still boast the functionality for an urban, luxury lifestyle.

The interior and space design include a connecting high ceiling space. There is a  living terrace in front of the development covered with a special white patterned material – perforated aluminum, and an interior court with trees gives the feel of a natural, urban environment. Possibly the standout feature of this creation is the 10-meter-long roof-top pool, which promises incredible views right through to the horizon.

The entire architectural concept was designed with various materials of pure white, enveloping the space and manifesting an elegant atmosphere.

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