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Baan Nakhon Pathom by ACA ARCHITECTS

“Baan Nakornpathom” by ACA Architects Limited is a warm and simple single-story house located in Wangtaku, Nakornpathom, Thailand. As the general prefabrication house function is not always suitable for the lifestyle and needs of the homeowners that want a one-story house that is airy, comfortable, and fit with Feng Shui principles. Therefore, ACA Architects propose to design a simple house with the right space by using common materials that are easily available in the market and arrange them with proper manners and composition.

The house is a mixture of reinforced concrete and steel structure with skim-coated masonry and a metal sheet roof. The composition of painted white walls and tiles cladding with openings above and big cornered sliding glass doors in the main living area gives a good quality of space which light can interpenetrate through the double-height living and dining areas and connect to the garden as well. The garden is composed as the heart of this house as it connects to the main function space which are the living room, dining room, and bedroom so the owner can enjoy taking view from the main spaces and can open the cornered glass door to combine the interior-exterior space for better ventilation and suitable activities.

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