Marta González architects

Since Marta González architects was founded in 2003, our work has always been oriented towards the pursuit of excellence in every project, we strive for quality architecture. Each project that enters into the firm is a new challenge and we aim to achieve the complete satisfaction of each client.


Architecture is never an abstract idea but a very concrete reality that is embodied in any given environment, and which covers the specific needs of our client. However, the project should cover all the basics, such as space, design, the client’s budget and beyond. Our goal is to meet all the standard necessities with architecture that functions and simultaneously generates an environment that excites and stimulates. With us this can always be achieved.


The firm’s philosophy has always been to design and produce spaces that are above and beyond the clients’ expectations. The quality of a project is not necessarily related to the cost, but the design of the project. The parameter for a good design is based on a mental attitude of always striving to achieve the best.

The Project

The success of a project lies in working closely together with the client and a working group of consultants, all specialists in their various fields. Our projects are always successful because of the joint effort between the above mentioned groups; we understand that it is of the utmost importance to understand each clients´ specific needs to achieve great success.

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