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inHAUS is the leading company in the design and building of High-End modular houses from Spain in which it combines the latest technology with design energy efficiency, premium quality and turnkey service for its costumers all around the world.

It is an innovative company in process, design and competitiveness, reinventing the conventional process to achieve maximum efficiency in their homes. Perfection is no longer a plus, it is an obligation. The industrialization of housing and construction processes offers the consumer perfection.

With prefabricated houses inHAUS, the client only needs to consider choosing the model of housing that suits their needs and tastes, customize the finishings and to prepare to move into their new inHAUS home.

In their 111-Collection Catalogue, each home is customizable and exclusive in terms of material finishings, floors, painting, tiling, etc. Moreover, the finishings are chosen by the customers with the advice of their team of architects, interior designers and landscape designers. They look into each space to determine exactly how the client would imagine it.

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