GG&A – Gamberg Gerszkowicz Salas & Asociados

GG&A is a leading architecture studio in Buenos Aires.  It was founded in 1991by Verónica Gerszkowicz, a University of Buenos Aires graduate with over 30 years of experience. Soledad Salas joined the firm and became a partner

At GG&A, three important values underpin their work: modernity, functionality and sensitivity. Each of their designs speak to these concepts. Sensitivity is in particular reference to their client relationships and the approach that GG&A adopts. According to Gerszkowicz, “it is from the dynamic and authentic relationships we enjoy with our clients that we are able to produce the work that we do. Work that is rich in identity and purpose”. 

For the team at GG&A, the desire to create multi-sensory spaces is strong, which explains how they are able to produce exceptional work. They are not afraid to stretch the limits of their creativity to design work that is emotive and expressive. “To do this, we rely a lot on materials that are natural; we use materials that are sustainable and that help us remember our connection the environment around us,” says Salas. 

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