The Crown Strandkai by DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG

DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG is a company that exudes luxury. Their absolute dedication to continually delivering successful projects to even the most discerning clients has been recognized, and the world patiently awaits as the professional team continues to unveil their future luxurious projects. 

For their project, The Crown Strandkai, which will be completed in 2023, DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG developed an apartment building that encompasses a symbol of modern and sustainable urban planning. The building is situated in HafenCity, Hamburg, and the visionary architect created a design for an impressive 58-meter residential tower with height and character. It is a gem that will be built directly on the Strandkaipromenade between two phenomenal buildings: Elbphilharmonie and the Marco Polo Tower. The unique property is directly on the water and is a part of the western Strandkai peninsula. It offers a breathtaking view of the city center, Elbe, harbor and Philharmonie. The building consists of 75 apartments from 53sqm to 426sqm, and there are two penthouses over two floors. There are 16 floors with an outstanding view of the Elbe and Speicherstadt, and the apartment building comes equipped with 79 individual parking spaces in the underground car park. The building is modern, and attention to detail is clear – they have even made it possible to add charging stations for electric vehicles.  

The new elected building is a free-standing solitaire. It is placed on uneven terrain, which allows for the development to slope down to the lower quay level via a large staircase which is in the direction of the Norderelbe. This space is integrated into the ground floor and creates a space that enhances the promenade to the public. There are also three harmonious interior styles for future owners and tenants to choose from. The epitome of luxury can be seen in these well-thought-out styles on offer, and with the prestigious project like The Crown, it was not just about designing elegant lifestyles. The team wanted to create design lines that do justice to the unique panoramic view, and designer Armin Panahi has achieved this masterfully. The three styles are pure, coco and silk, which are refined and neat with elements of elegance and sophistication. The design creates a feel-good atmosphere and crisp aura and allows for full enjoyment of both interior and exterior views.

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