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Molins Design




Category: Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design for Riam Apartment in Barcelona, Spain 

Interior design, decoration, product design and architecture are what Molins Design specializes in. Located in the city of Barcelona, the company was launched in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, with the goal of exceeding clients’ expectations. 

Molins began its journey as an interior design company, and in 2018, their name evolved to Molins Design, now adding on to their main service offerings. Molins is made up of a multidisciplinary team of internal professionals and regular collaborators who also cover areas such as landscaping, styling, and marketing. 

Riam Apartment is a sophisticated penthouse in Barcelona. Its interior spaces showcase the best of the most avant-garde design of the current times. This includes technology, furniture, appliances, and lighting. 

The apartment is situated in the Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona and features two balconies. The floor plan of the apartment includes three clearly marked areas. The interior is a work of art, made up of assorted styles, where the interior design of minimalist lines converges with a commitment to sophisticated textures and materials. There is a look of the late 50’s America in the chosen style, pulled through the entire project. The furniture is almost sculptural, with geometry and fluidity at its core. 

The company’s hard work has secured an extensive portfolio and has borne outstanding fruit. They go the extra mile to infuse spaces with elegance, comfort, attention to detail, and the latest technological developments. 

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