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littleMORE Interior Design




littleMORE is a professional interior design firm, established in 2008 by Ada Wong & Eric Liu with expertise in architectural space planning and interior design. It aims to create the optimum effect to individual environment by manipulating the fundamental qualities of space, proportion, light, colour, texture and materials.

littleMORE specialises in project management from the big-picture concept to the finest detail-design entities in a wide spectrum of environments, including hospitalities, F&Bs, residences, offices and retail outlets. The firm provides professional, proficient and provident solutions, including interior space planning, furniture, lighting and decoration design services, to its clients. littleMORE achieves this goal by understanding as much as its clients’ do, the significance of communication, cost and time effectiveness, not only during the design, but also throughout the construction process.

Dedicated, committed, motivated and passionate about everything we do, we are a team of professional and experienced interior designers, architects, and project managers. We combine our skills and work in harmony to ensure projects succeed.

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