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LARQ Arquitectura y Diseño




LARQ Arquitectura y Diseño, led by visionary architect Leslie Lara, is renowned for creating timeless spaces that transcend trends and stand as enduring masterpieces. Their commitment to timelessness is at the core of their philosophy, understanding that true artistry in architecture and interior design means crafting spaces that remain fresh, functional, and aesthetically vibrant for years to come. Leslie Lara believes that “The aesthetics of each space reflect the soul that inhabits it”, which is evident in every project they undertake

LARQ’s approach is rooted in attentive listening to their clients, ensuring they understand their dreams and desires. This partnership allows Leslie and her team to offer new ideas and fresh perspectives while maintaining a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and timelessness.

Luxury is not just a component of their designs; it’s a foundational element. LARQ Arquitectura y Diseño merges art and luxury, creating experiences that leave a lasting impression on the soul. Every detail, curve, and color is meticulously chosen to reflect the client’s personality and LARQ’s commitment to aesthetic excellence.

What truly sets LARQ apart is their dedication to delight. Their ultimate goal is to exceed expectations and create spaces that leave clients surprised, amazed, and utterly delighted. It’s not just about the end result; it’s about the journey and the emotions it evokes.

In 2023, LARQ was recognized, by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, as a winner for their interior design project, SOLON, located in the heart of Mexico City. This project, designed for a young couple, draws inspiration from the client’s strong, elegant, and extravagant personality. The interior features a dominant color palette of deep black with subtle golden accents, creating a dramatic yet luxurious atmosphere.

Key design elements include materials like black marble with golden veins, wooden slats, black glass, natural plants on the walls, and koi fish tanks, all integral to the design concept. Each piece of art is meticulously placed in strategic locations.

SOLON is a masterful example of the transformative power of interior design, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a universe of aesthetic beauty and unique sensory experiences. It’s a place where design seamlessly integrates with life, where darkness transforms into a symphony of light, and style reaches its zenith. LARQ continues to redefine the boundaries of design, creating spaces that stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy.

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