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A Moveable Feast by Chains Interior Design





Chains Interior focus on high-end residences, luxurious villas, recreational clubs designs. We believe design should not be restrained by style, but challenge past creativities and subvert existing forms and ideas.
Chains Interior adheres to the management method that values division of labor, which allows our talents to excel in their expertise while at the same time collaborate as a coherent team. In addition to a design department, we have a 3D effect department to create space renderings and animations, so that space planning is visualized prior to construction work.

The interior decoration department provides comprehensive consultation service in purchases, schemes to incorporate the most suitable furnishings, while meticulously integrates materials, artistic conception, functionality, client’s personality, and even feng shui considerations to invent a unique ambience for each project. After the client moves in, the customer service team takes up the responsibility of continuously tracking user satisfaction and providing professional advice where needed.

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