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Imagine waking up to breathtaking Black Sea views streaming through panoramic windows at OVAL, the award-winning development by Metropol in Batumi, Georgia. OVAL redefines luxury apartment living, offering a complete lifestyle experience.

Metropol, a leader in Georgian real estate, presents a masterpiece of modern design in OVAL. Step inside stylish apartments featuring high-quality materials and functional layouts bathed in natural light. Whether you seek a cozy studio or a spacious residence, OVAL caters to your needs.

The true magic unfolds in the plethora of amenities. Ideally situated near the Black Sea, OVAL offers a secluded haven. Unwind in the spa, workout at the gym, or take a dip in the pool. Enjoy entertainment at the cinema, savor exquisite wines in the wine room, or dine at on-site restaurants.

A dedicated team provides comprehensive hotel-style services, including property management and concierge, ensuring a smooth and stress-free life. Round-the-clock security provides peace of mind.

Metropol prioritizes environmental responsibility. OVAL incorporates innovative features that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

The OVAL experience extends beyond luxury. The architectural layout prioritizes natural light and panoramic views, creating a harmonious living environment. Exclusivity is another hallmark, with a limited number of apartments ensuring privacy and a sense of belonging to a select community.

A prestigious partnership with the Louvre Hotels Group adds an international dimension. The presence of the five-star ROYAL TULIP hotel within the complex ensures world-class hospitality standards.

OVAL pushes the boundaries of architectural design. It’s a landmark project setting a new standard for originality while remaining environmentally responsible. Embrace the OVAL lifestyle. Contact Metropol today to discover your perfect haven in Batumi.

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