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ZUNANI Earns Acclaim as Switzerland’s Premier Luxury Wine Brand


ZUNANI, synonymous with ‘luxury in a glass’ has been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner for Best Luxury Wines Brand in Switzerland, 2023. Brought to life in 2021 by founders and long-time friends Nina Schneider and Nadja Braun, ZUNANI is ideally situated in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town. It is here, where the idea was born, and the entire company is coordinated.  

ZUNANI represents the pinnacle of indulgence. At the heart of their exceptional offerings is the world’s first luxury truffle sparkling wine which is refined with an extract of real white truffles. With ZUNANI, customers can now enjoy the unique experience of white truffles in a completely new and captivating way.

What sets ZUNANI apart is their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity. Using no artificial flavors, they ensure an unparalleled taste experience that will captivate even the most discerning palates. Years of passionate product development have culminated in this luxurious world first, available only through ZUNANI.

ZUNANI guarantees an extraordinary Italian truffle taste experience, backed by uncompromising Swiss quality. Each bottle of this exclusive sparkling wine is produced under stringent quality requirements, ensuring that customers can celebrate and elevate their special moments in life with ZUNANI.

The journey of ZUNANI begins with their exquisite grapes, which flourish on idyllic vines in a region renowned for its high quality. Nestled on sun-drenched hills with a unique loess soil texture, the vines enjoy an ideal climate that imparts a breathtaking aroma to the grapes.

To refine their luxury sparkling wine, ZUNANI employs a natural truffle extract sourced exclusively from real white truffles. These hand-picked truffles from Italy undergo an ancient traditional fermentation process to create the extract. The patented extraction technology captures the full aroma complexity of the white Piedmont truffle, resulting in a luxury beverage unlike any other.

ZUNANI aims to reach those who share their passion for luxury and fine dining. From the moment the premier sparkling wine is uncorked, the captivating scent of the white Piedmont truffle permeates the air. This aromatic luxury drink serves as a sophisticated aperitif and a versatile culinary accompaniment.

“Our vision at ZUNANI extends beyond selling a luxury product; it’s about offering a lifestyle,” announced the two CEOs and founders Nina Schneider and Nadja Braun. “And as pioneers in this market, we are striving to establish our luxurious truffle sparkling wine worldwide, expanding our product range to include truffle red wine, truffle white wine, and truffle rosé wine.”

Learn more about the award-winning, luxury wine brand at https://eu.zunanitruffle.com/en


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