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Wild At Heart by L’atelier Fantasia


The Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades exhibition for 2021 was held in the Nangang Bottle Cap Factory in Taiwan, where L’atelier Fantasia represented Taiwan and Louis Vuitton to create an exhibition that combined a diffusive aesthetic with neo-classical design for the Objets Nomades furniture collection. Taking the mansion house as the design concept, the exhibition space combined LV contemporary furniture, extending the spirit of travel inherited from Louis Vuitton’s classic hard cases to the present day, and interpreting the core concept of Wild at Heart to show people’s aspiration and pursuit of life aesthetics.  

Inspired by the design of Peter Marino for Maison Louis Vuitton Vendôme, the show’s iconic design was based on L’atelier Fantasia’s unique spatial narrative and display aesthetic.    

Large glass windows, classic herringbone parquet flooring and wall craft elements were used in the exhibition to transform the original spatial structure of the Nangang Bottle Cap Factory monument. 

A temporary exhibition space finished in April 2021 for eight days.  

In this exhibition space, the concept of architectural structure was introduced into the room, and the design of aisle and arcade door frame were designed to stack the layers of space, thus building a home atmosphere in the exhibition hall. Unlike other exhibitions that taking focused light to project works, here the natural sunlight was introduced into the room, and combined with the structural design of the room, it presented an even soft light tone, and cleverly integrated furniture, home decorations, artworks, lighting and green plants from different countries, and presented the impression of a home corner through curtain, line panel and ceiling design. 

The exhibition space was designed to capture the inspiration of home, and continued the travel spirit of LV’s classic Objets Nomades furniture collection. The different areas of the exhibition were planned according to the different spatial features and style of the home, and the furniture and home decorations were displayed from the entrance, taking the changing spaces from room to room after entering, creating a spatial perception like walking through a Parisian mansion. 

The biggest challenge was to plan a modern exhibition in the heritage space without altering or avoiding the original structure. The design team solved this problem through the transformation of lighting, ceiling and space, creating a foyer with an evenly symmetrical arched frame at the entrance, using spatial transformation and spatial hierarchy to distribute the exhibition area, and presenting the rise and fall of the public and private spheres through design techniques to make the exhibition perfect. 

The exhibition space was designed with the Mansion House in mind, interpreting the atmosphere of Wild at Heart, creating a home-like structure of movement and exhibition space through the combination of dispersive aesthetics and neo-classical design. The exhibition was a unique collection of its own. 

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