Urban Oasis by L’atelier Fantasia


Designed around central client-specific works of art, this residential space combines multiple aspects of neo-classical and modernist concepts of space, art, and the psychological interaction between these. Focus on elegance, Autumnal hues, and a geometrical relationship between the works of art and surrounding spaces radiate calm and tranquility. Incorporating high-end fixtures, furnishings, and trim, the three-bedroom apartment highlights the synergy between western and eastern elements. 

Central to the design are works by the Taiwanese artist Ho Chen Hung as well as a Yayoi Kusama iconic pumpkin series and a Peter Zimmerman epoxy resin layered abstract. The splash of colors in Ho’s large circular piece at the entrance welcomes with an abstract floral bloom of summer. While the simple, yet elegant muted shades of gray marble, stone, and throughout the rest of the space allows the colorful artwork and museum-quality furnishing to breathe and take on a life of their own. 

The warm Autumn colors of orange and dark brown flow into the public space with a corner tri-color globe pendant lamp, dark orange suede chairs and a beige suede low-back sofa with two copper-gold glass cocktail tables and an electric fireplace welcome conversation. The double-entry kitchen has a Western-style large central island and an Asian-style cooking area. The dining room features a large central 10-seat table with grey suede seats and a dazzling multi-sphere dandelion chandelier. 

The apartment comprises 290m2 of area divided into an entryway vestibule, 2 living rooms, 1 front kitchen with dining/prep/island, 1 back kitchen, 3 bedrooms with en suites, 1 bathroom & laundry, and a balcony. 

Proportional measurements of a classical frame were used to divide the space. Upon entering from vestibule, the small, warm sitting area as well as the main living room, dining room and even the island kitchen are incorporated into an open design, each flowing into the next. A warm autumn palette from Ho’s contemporary entryway piece is incorporated into the furnishings and fixtures throughout these public spaces, while the dazzling urban night view beckons through the glass wall of the balcony. 


The client’s aesthetic and familiarity with art and design in connection to the fashion industry drove the overall design around the collected pieces of art. Ho’s entryway painting driving the color palette, the highly recognizable Yayoi Kusama pumpkin series in the living room, and German artist Peter Zimmermann’s abstract between the dining room and living room. All other aspects of the design tapped high-end designer materials and fixtures to impart an elegant richness to the space. 

Giving the spacious apartment a feeling of coziness and comfort, without closing off the public spaces was a difficult aspect of this design. Elegant comfort and calm were key elements of this design; however, expansive interior spaces induce feelings of distance. The connection and flow of the spaces featuring the contemporary art pieces through color and materials was a challenge as well. 


Focused on highlighting works of contemporary art, this palatial 3-bedroom urban apartment melds neo-classic and modern elements coupled with dynamic colors, high-end materials and fixtures offering an oasis in the urban cityscape. Designed around works of art, each space resonates with the interplay of light, color, and materials and offers an overall unparalleled level of comfort and taste. 

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