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Uecko Celebrated for Superior Craftsmanship and Sustainability in Luxury Furniture

Best Luxury Furniture & Homewares


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is thrilled to announce that Uecko has been named a winner in the category of Best Luxury Furniture & Homewares Company in Madrid, Spain. This accolade underscores Uecko’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the realm of high-end closets & wardrobes.  

Uecko’s journey began 30 years ago in Madrid, driven by the vision of its founder, Vicente Santiuste. With a profound love for natural wood and cabinetmaking, Vicente laid the foundation for Uecko´s enduring philosophy. His passion was passed along to his son, Ruben Santiuste, who leads the brand with the same dedication to excellence. Since its inception in 1993, Uecko has combined expertise, the finest prime materials, and a unique style to create customizable designs that epitomize functionality, quality, and exceptional luxury.  

At the heart of Uecko’s success is its dedication to preserving the natural essence of wood. The company embarks on a meticulous process, selecting each piece of wood with a deep respect for its original character. This process involves immersing themselves in nature to touch, see, feel, and smell the wood in its purest state, ensuring that every detail is crafted with care and precision. 

Uecko’s team of highly trained professionals collaborates closely with clients to design and create bespoke pieces that reflect their individuality. Each project is unique, mirroring the personal preferences and lifestyle of the client. This approach has allowed Uecko to transcend beyond crafting closets and wardrobes, curating experiences that embody personalized exclusivity. 

Over three decades, Uecko has perfected its craftsmanship by integrating traditional techniques with modern innovation. This blend not only highlights the aesthetic beauty of each piece but also ensures functional excellence. The company’s adherence to quality is matched by its commitment to sustainability. Uecko uses premium natural materials and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), signifying that their wood originates from responsibly managed forests. 

Moreover, Uecko’s sustainability initiatives include the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, and comprehensive recycling programs to minimize waste and environmental impact. Each piece is crafted to endure, prioritizing longevity in both materials and design, ensuring they remain timeless. 

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” said Rúben Santiuste, CEO of Uecko. “It is a testament to our team’s dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and personalized luxury. We will continue to uphold these values as we create unique and extraordinary pieces for our clients.” 

For more information about Uecko and its award-winning products, please visit https://www.uecko.com/  

About Uecko: 

Established in 1993 in Madrid by Vicente Santiuste, Uecko stands as a premier luxury brand, renowned for its customizable, top-tier, and sustainable designs in closet, wardrobes & furniture. Anchored in craftsmanship and innovative cabinetmaking, Uecko transforms natural wood into functional, timeless masterpieces that mirror the surrounding environment. Just as every space and lifestyle is unique, so is Uecko – crafting bespoke pieces that resonate with singularity. 


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