Turning Airport Hustle into the Time to Enjoy


If you feel like your travelling experience should be less stressful (and filled with crowds!), you are certainly not alone. Today we are happy to hear from Mrs. Naphaphat Supsoonthornkul, President and Founder of The Coral Executive Lounge, one of the best Luxury Concierge Service in Thailand according to Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This company knows how to make your time at the airport enjoyable and save you from standing in endless lines. We will learn about The Coral’s mission, plans and their victory in Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Supsoonthornkul, it’s a pleasure to get to know you. Please tell us: how did the idea to start such a business come to your mind?

Previously I have worked as a ground operations officer and saw that there was a lack of / opportunity for this particular service. This added up to my dream of taking hospitality and leisure business to the next level by enriching our services with Thai culture and traditions.

The Coral Executive Lounge is the only company in Thailand authorized to provide Fast Track Immigration Services. How difficult was it to negotiate this with airport and national authorities?

Due to the fact that the airport and national authorities appreciate Coral’s vision of supporting tourism and developing Phuket, or even Thailand, into a world-class destination, the agreement of the Fast Track immigration was authorized and taken aboard relatively quickly.

Are you planning to launch any other unique services in the near future?

In addition to expanding into domestic and overseas airport destinations, we are also launching our Coral Card. It will allow members to have access to all Coral lounges in Thailand and other international lounges in the near future.

How would you describe your company’s mission in one sentence?

“Coral, the epitome of World Class Service”

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging aspect of my job is to expand and operate in destinations all over the world, and to be well-known by travelers. Our goal for Coral is to become not only an option for someone’s travel, but an essential.

This year you got recognized on the international level by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. You became the winner in the category of Luxury Concierge Service in Thailand. What does this victory mean to you and inspire you to do?

Winning the “Luxury Concierge Service in Thailand” title was a huge stepping stone for me and all my employees as a team. We are now even more motivated to maintain and improve our standards; this is inspiring us to make Coral a World Class Service.

We hear that you are planning to go international, opening VIP Lounges and services overseas. Which countries are the first on your list?

This will depend on the other party, but the first 2 countries on our list are most definitely Japan and Singapore.


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