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Design and Architectural Brilliance: Celebrating the TOP 100 Architects and Designers for 2023 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

TOP 100 Architects and Designers


Welcome to a realm of innovation, creativity, and visionary artistry with our specially curated list, featuring the TOP 100 Architects and Designers of the World for the year 2023, celebrated by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This collection is more than a mere list; it’s a showcase of excellence, a celebration of the most outstanding, reliable, and respected talents in the sphere of luxury architecture and design.

Prepare to embark on a journey where the seamless fusion of form and function takes center stage. Within this selection, you will encounter architects and designers who embody the pinnacle of creativity and excellence in their field. From awe-inspiring skyscrapers that redefine city skylines to tranquil residences seamlessly integrated into their natural surroundings, these professionals have crafted some of the world’s most iconic and breathtaking structures and spaces.

The TOP 100 list is not just about architectural and design expertise; it’s a recognition of those who push boundaries, who merge innovation with aesthetics, and who bring dreams to life with their visionary approaches. Each name on this list brings a unique perspective to the table, contributing to a richer, more diverse world of architectural and design possibilities.

As you delve into the TOP 100 list, you’ll encounter a rich tapestry of styles, philosophies, and methodologies. You’ll meet the masterminds behind groundbreaking projects, understand their journey toward excellence, and perhaps even gain new insights into what makes architecture and design not just functional, but transformative.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards take pride in assembling this prestigious list to celebrate those at the forefront of architectural and design innovation. Whether you are a professional in the field, an aficionado of architecture and design, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and functionality of well-designed spaces, this collection offers a unique window into the minds of the world’s most esteemed architects and designers.

So, embark on this journey with us as we pay tribute to the TOP 100 Architects and Designers of the World, whose visions and creations continue to inspire, amaze, and shape the world of luxury lifestyle.

  1. ADDESIGNER, Saudi Arabia
  2. Adi Aronov – Architecture and Interior Design, Israel
  4. AHN&PARTNERS, South Korea
  6. Anu Kewalram Interiors, UAE
  7. APL Architects, Philipines
  8. ARCHICAM INC CO., LTD., Cambodia
  9. Archion Architects, Philippines
  10. Asanka Samarakoon Design Group, Sri Lanka
  11. Ashley’s, India
  12. Aujan Interior Decorations LLC, UAE
  13. Aura Design Studio, Turkey
  14. B Squared Design, Hong Kong
  15. B8 Architecture, UAE
  16. BETTIS TARAZI, Panama
  17. Bilkey LLinas Design, China
  18. Buchberger Design, Germany
  19. Casas + Architects Inc, Philipines
  20. CASPAIOU Design & Interiors, UAE
  21. Celine Interior Design, UK
  22. C-LYNK, Switzerland
  23. Co.designstudio, Denmark
  24. Consultancy Group Pro, Saudi Arabia
  26. Double V Space Interior Studio, Thailand
  27. Drew Gilbert Design, UAE
  28. DSA Architects International, UAE
  29. DUBAI DESIGN GROUP by Lora Bergiy, UAE
  30. E Plus A Atelier, UAE
  31. Emily Roose Interiors, USA
  32. Engart Ltd, UAE
  33. Forza Creativa, Panama
  34. Fusion Design Limited, Hong Kong
  35. Genesis Planners, India
  36. Glen Thomas Architecture, UK
  37. GLV Design, Kuwait
  38. Guidon Studio, USA
  39. Hatch Architects, Saudi Arabia
  40. HD Studio Inc., Guyana
  41. HollandGreen Architecture, Interiors & Landscapes, UK
  42. IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects, UAE
  43. ICONE INTERIORS, Saudi Arabia
  44. In Out Studio, Spain
  45. Innovative Interiors Design Group, Barbados
  46. JH Interior Indonesia, Indonesia
  47. Jutta Hoehn – JSH Algarve Arquitectura Lda, Portugal
  48. Kelly Architects, USA
  49. Kiklos Architects, UAE
  50. Kokema Design, Finland
  51. L’atelier Fantasia, Taiwan
  52. Laguarda.Low Architects, China
  53. Laura Stein Interiors, Canada
  54. Lighting Design International, UK
  55. Liqui Group Ltd, UK
  56. Living Concept Consulting GmbH, Germany
  57. Lori Morris Design, Canada
  58. Luxury Italian Living Ltd, UK
  59. LWK+Partners, UAE
  60. M+N Architecture, Italy
  61. Magen Architects, Spain
  62. Majed Harasani Architects, Saudi Arabia
  63. Manuel García Asociados, Spain
  64. MAP architecture and planning limited, Hong Kong
  65. Maurice Martel architecte, Canada
  66. MCM Architecture & Design, Portugal
  68. MHLI, USA
  69. MJARC Arquitectos Lda, Portugal
  70. MK Architects, Cyprus
  73. NEVERMORE, Malaysia
  74. Nikki Levy Interiors, USA
  75. Noblesse Group International, Romania
  76. Noon Design Studio, UAE
  78. PAD Space Artisan, Thailand
  79. Peristylia by Sally Negm, UAE
  80. Qeblawi Brooks, UAE
  81. S/Lab 10, Malaysia
  82. SARCO Architects Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  83. Soura Madani House of Design, Jordan
  84. STUDIO COCOONS, Mexico
  85. Studio MK27, Brazil
  86. Studio Stockholm Arkitektur, Sweden
  87. Studio+ Architects, Egypt
  88. Studiossoo (SN35 Limited), Hong Kong
  89. THAT IS ITH INTERIOR CO., LTD., Thailand
  91. TOP VILLA ARCHITECT w.l.l., Qatar
  92. Turner Walker Robinson PTY Ltd, Australia
  93. UBD Global, Indonesia
  94. Valéry Weyn Architects, Kenya
  95. WA International, UAE
  96. Whipple Russel Architects, USA
  97. YIH Architects and Consultants, Saudi Arabia
  98. Yuan Design (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  99. Zanjani Architect Inc., Canada
  100. ZDS Architects, Egypt

For more information about the TOP 100, please visit our website at https://luxurylifestyleawards.com/best-of-the-best

To learn more about the research method and selection criteria, please check the TOP 100 Architects and Designers Brochure 2023.

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