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Tim Clarke Design Creates Lavish Beach Home with California Lighthouse


Tim Clarke Design Studio, founded in 1996 is a comprehensive architecture and design firm based in Santa Monica, California. Brought to life by Tim Clarke, the studio makes people’s lives better because they feel better in their space – each space embodies the calm feeling of being home. This forward-thinking company has notably won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022 for Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for California Lighthouse in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Tim Clarke Design, which has been successfully running for 26 years, has always had a strong philosophy. They believe interiors provide a new kind of wellness, where ease, comfort and peace are part of the design. Clarke translates a person’s internal identity into their home, believing that a home should be a complete expression of who we are.

The team’s process includes considering clients, location, and architectural style to develop a mood board of images, which invites clients to share their ideas, opinions and feelings about the boards. This allows Tim Clarke Design to understand the client’s’ desires and helps them inform all future decisions. The studio has a comprehensive list of services, including ‘The Shala’: a space for interactive experiences.

Tim has always been inspired by coastal life and the warm climate that California is known for, and often brings Californian elements to a project, all while celebrating a feeling of wellness, creativity and health. These elements have been meticulously combined for Tim Clarke Design’s latest project, California Lighthouse, a fresh, airy design and stand-out project form his portfolio.

The neutral color palette of this Central Coast beach house serves as a backdrop for creating a homely space with family and friends. Light is of utmost importance in this project and is allowed in through many carefully designed architectural features. The space also allows for an endless view of sky and sea. With a minimalistic aesthetic, guests can truly relax.

Tim Clarke Design always promotes and supports using reclaimed materials and many of their projects feature reclaimed wood, tile and stone floors, beams, and wood ceilings.

“I’ve always chased the dream of the Californian endless summer, and this was the inspiration behind this project. The team and I would like to say a huge, humble thank you to the team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for recognizing our work. California Lighthouse is an inviting, serene home, and we welcome our new guests to experience its charm.” Says founder, Tim Clarke.

Read more about Tim Clarke Design at www.timclarkedesign.com

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