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SHL Asia is Crowned Best Architect Studio for Personalized and Meaningful Design

Bali is known primarily as a paradise on earth, an enchanting island, and one of the most attractive vacation destinations in the world. But Bali also has a rich and unique culture that is steeped in different traditions and reflects the sunny character of the island. This culture, coupled with the local environment and art, is the source of inspiration for the SHL Asia team, a group of talented designers, architects, and entrepreneurs who, for the past 12 years, have been wowing clients and industry experts with their creativity and craftsmanship. Their unique philosophy underpins a diverse portfolio of distinctive signature projects, which propelled SHL Asia to be voted Best Luxury Architect Studio in Indonesia by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards judging panel.

SHL Asia is an Architecture, landscape, interior and special artwork design consultancy founded in 2010 that brings together passionate professionals with a shared vision for creativity and business. With each of their designs, SHL Asia incorporates local culture, art and nature and combines them with the dream of every client to deliver their value, Desa Kala Patra, which is the flexibility of the Balinese society to respond to a certain place (Desa), time (Kala) and situation (Patra). When it is implemented into design, SHL Asia manage to create a personalized design and aim to be more than just design but to bring stories and experiences which elevate the value itself into a memorable journey that can last for a long time.

It is important for the SHL Asia team to understand the client’s through their company’s culture of MERCI, Mindset – Empathy – Research – Collaboration – Integrity. They start a new project with the right mindset, finding out what the client wants, being empathic, and doing in-depth research. By interacting with a diverse group of professionals, SHL Asia understands the request and carry out collaboration with high integrity to deliver an exceptional service and an end result that embodies the values of culture, art, and nature most meaningful to the client. This is how the company’s vision to become a multi- disciplinary design consultant that provides personalized design based on the philosophy of Desa Kala Patra with the element of Culture, Art and Nature is realized.

“On behalf of the entire SHL Asia team, we would like to thank the judging panel of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for their appreciation of our work. It is not only our achievement, but also that of our valued clients and partners, who are also full participants in each project,” said cofounders, Sasta Jelantik and Jung Yat.

Learn more about SHL Asia and its distinctive approach here https://shl.asia/

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