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Sensory Mastery: Meet Saad Bashammakh

Niche Perfume Brand


Saad Bashammakh has won a deserved Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2023 for Best Luxury Niche Perfume Brand in Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the brand has been committed to mastery in the art of crafting exclusive scents. 

Established in 1985 by Owner Saad Bashammakh and managed by Turki Bashammakh, Saad Bashammakh stands tall with over three decades of expertise in curating incense, niche oriental perfumes, and essential oils. Their dedication to producing authentic fragrances has solidified the brand as a trusted and prominent name in the industry. 

Specializing in rare and valuable incense, oriental perfumes, and essential oils, the brand offers more than just scents; it offers a luxurious sensory journey. Each visit to their boutique is an experience of opulence, surrounded by lavish interiors reminiscent of a high-end jewelry store, ensuring customers feel indulged and exclusive. 

“We are honored to receive the title of Best Luxury Niche Perfume Brand in Saudi Arabia from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This recognition symbolizes our devotion to providing unmatched luxury and exclusivity in the world of fragrance,” said Owner Saad Bashammakh. 

What distinguishes Saad Bashammakh is not just the products they offer but the emotional connections they establish with their clientele. Engaging customers on a personal level and forging lasting relationships is a hallmark of their service. 

The brand’s prioritizing of uniqueness is reflected in their sourcing of ingredients from rare locations, artisanal craftsmanship, small-batch production, and the experiences their scents evoke. Saad Bashammakh’s collection of exclusive incense, oriental perfumes, and oils aims to elevate the senses and leave an indelible impression. 

Saad Bashammakh sees this recognition as an opportunity for global exposure in luxury media and to forge new avenues for potential business expansion. 


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