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PURITI Honored as Best Luxury Manuka Honey in New Zealand


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is proud to announce PURITI, the embodiment of pure and luxurious Manuka honey, as a Winner in the category of Best Luxury Manuka Honey in New Zealand. This recognition highlights PURITI’s dedication to providing the finest quality, single-origin Manuka honey experience for discerning consumers. 

Living up to its Māori name, meaning “the superlative form of pure,” PURITI is a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated company built on a near-century-long legacy of honey production through Midlands Apiaries. Their dedication ensures the production of premium, non-GMO, Glyphosate residue-free Manuka honey, meticulously crafted within state-of-the-art facilities. 

PURITI’s Manuka honey is a luxurious indulgence sourced from the verdant landscapes of New Zealand. Harvested and produced in these pristine environments, their honey offers unmatched taste and texture. More importantly, PURITI prioritizes the highest quality and certification standards, exceeding government regulations for purity.  

Driven by world-leading quality and a commitment to excellence, PURITI is a team of passionate individuals dedicated to bringing the best of New Zealand to the global market. Their dedication extends beyond the honey itself; PURITI utilizes custom-made jars featuring over 11 anti-counterfeit measures, guaranteeing authenticity and a truly unique product. Additionally, their Manuka honey consistently surpasses the minimum UMF grading, solidifying its position as a luxurious indulgence. 

PURITI’s commitment goes beyond producing exceptional honey. They prioritize environmental responsibility by strategically placing hives in pristine New Zealand locations, ensuring minimal impact and respecting the delicate “special connection between land and sea.” Some of these remote hives are accessible only by helicopter, highlighting the lengths PURITI goes to in protecting the authenticity and rarity of the world’s most unique honey. 

“Being recognized as the Best Luxury Mānuka Honey in New Zealand by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a true honor,” said PURITI. “This award reflects our commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and exceeding the highest quality standards. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a luxurious Mānuka honey experience that is both exceptional and environmentally responsible.” 

This dedication extends beyond hive placement. PURITI harvests, packs, tests, and certifies only the purest single-origin raw Mānuka honey with exceptional quality as their benchmark. Their immense respect for the native land and species ensures a prosperous environment for all, allowing their bees to thrive as “nature’s hardest workers” in this sustainable haven. PURITI’s dedication is further validated by MPI certification and SQF accreditation, solidifying its position as a leader in premium Manuka honey production. 


PURITI is a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated company specializing in premium, single-origin Manuka honey. Founded in 2018 by Midlands Apiaries, a leader in honey production for nearly a century, PURITI is committed to exceeding industry standards through their dedication to purity, innovation, and sustainable practices. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.puriti.com/  


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