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Mainside’s Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge Wins Best Luxury Hotel Renovation Award

Luxury Hotel Renovation


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is delighted to announce that Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge, a captivating, themed lodge experience by Mainside, has been named Best Luxury Hotel Renovation in Portugal. This prestigious award acknowledges Mainside’s exceptional work in transforming a historic Lisbon building into a luxurious and immersive destination. With a deep respect for history and a commitment to innovation, Mainside creates spaces that tell stories and inspire wonder. 

Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge is a unique experience housed within a meticulously restored former brothel from Lisbon’s Pombaline era. The building, once in a state of disrepair, has been given a new lease on life, honoring its history while offering guests a luxurious and immersive journey back in time. 

The renovation project, spearheaded by Mainside and orchestrated by the visionary architect Gonçalo Queirós Carvalho, alongside the masterful storytelling of Roger Mor, aimed to craft a time capsule experience. Entering Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge is akin to a journey back into the heart of Lisbon’s bohemian past. The meticulously curated décor, boasting fine fabrics, vintage pieces, and personalized wallpaper, seamlessly transports guests to a bygone era. 

Despite its historical charm, Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge offers guests the utmost in comfort. Modern amenities are cleverly concealed within the period design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Guests can unwind in state-of-the-art soundproofed rooms, some featuring fireplaces, bathtubs, saunas, or Turkish baths. 

Art plays a central role in the Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge experience. The property features numerous museum-worthy pieces that unveil Lisbon’s rich history. Additionally, the work of contemporary artists like illustrator Nuno Saraiva adds a touch of modern flair to the historic setting. 

Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge offers more than just a luxurious stay. Guests are welcomed by a “madam,” the central character in this unique concept inspired by the building’s true past. Each of the lodge’s 22 themed rooms is a testament to history, with historical elements and a distinct narrative, ensuring that each stay is a new and captivating adventure. Whether it’s the intrigue of clandestine affairs or the vibrant tales of Lisbon’s nightlife, the experiences vary depending on the room chosen. Moreover, the lodge prioritizes fun and dynamism, evident in its themed equipment such as rods, rings, and handcuffs, as well as the personalized reception service offering a welcome drink and curated selection of erotic items. 

The renovation of Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge presented a number of challenges. Mainside’s team meticulously addressed soundproofing concerns to ensure a peaceful stay for guests, even amidst Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife. Additionally, the team skillfully integrated a modern elevator into the building’s historic structure. 

“We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition from Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” says José Carvalho, CEO of Mainside. “Pensão Amor Madam’s Lodge is a testament to our dedication to preserving history while creating unique and unforgettable experiences. We are committed to breathing new life into historic buildings and we are delighted that our efforts have been recognized.” 

For more information, please visit http://www.pensaoamor.com/  


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