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Pedalion Yachting: Seamlessly Combining Expertise and Elegance in Luxury Yacht Management in Cyprus


Pedalion Yachting, a leading luxury yacht management company based in Cyprus, is thrilled to announce that they have been honored with a prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Yacht Management Company in Cyprus for the year 2023.

Founded in March 2022, Pedalion Yachting has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the industry, setting new standards for excellence and redefining the yachting experience. Under the guidance of co-owners Constantinos Papalucas and  Panayiotis Andreou, the company has become synonymous with high-end services and peace of mind for yacht owners.

At Pedalion Yachting, every aspect of yacht management is meticulously handled by a highly sophisticated team that tailors its approach to meet the specific needs of each yacht owner and user. By offering real-time reporting on special events and maintaining a detailed database of owner and user preferences, Pedalion ensures that everything is taken care of onboard 24/7, providing a seamless experience for the next voyage.

“Our goal at Pedalion Yachting is to exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers and deliver an exceptional yachting lifestyle,” said Constantinos Papalucas. “We take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive services, ranging from yacht management and maintenance to curated chartering experiences. Our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.”

One of the key factors that sets Pedalion Yachting apart is their commitment to creating tailor-made experiences for their customers. By handpicking highly educated professionals, including sommeliers, chefs, therapists, masseuses, personal trainers, scuba dive masters, historians, and archaeologists, Pedalion ensures that every voyage is enriched with a diverse range of stimulating activities. This personal touch and attention to detail have resonated with customers, resulting in numerous positive testimonials and a high rate of customer loyalty.

“What makes us unique is our holistic approach to the yachting experience,” added Panayiotis Andreou. “We go beyond boating itself and provide a complete package, including VIP transit services with private jets and helicopters, as well as VIP security services.”

The team’s friendly yet discreet approach ensures that their customers feel special and well taken care of throughout their journey. For more information about Pedalion Yachting and their services, please visit their website at www.pedalionyachting.com


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