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Molins Design Combines Excellence and Quality for Riam Apartment in Barcelona


Molins Design Studio was established in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, and soon after inception, became one of the most recognizable interior design studios in Barcelona. With a philosophy based on the search for excellence and value in all of their services, it’s no surprise that Molins Design Studio has been selected for the second, consecutive year by the team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards – this time as the winner for Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design for Riam Apartment in Barcelona, Spain, 2022.

With more than 40 years’ experience in architecture, commercial and domestic interior design, decoration and product design, Molins always offers an exclusive and personalized design for each project. Molins, with its multidisciplinary team of professionals, has completed a variety of projects such as single-family homes, restaurants, second residences, commercial and outdoors. “We design new spaces or redesign and optimize them” says Bernat Marcillas. they consistently work tirelessly within the agreed deadline and specified budget, within a given special context.

Molins Design has the vision of being the world’s example for exclusive and personalized design. This year, they have won a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Riam Apartment, a refined, cultured penthouse in Barcelona. This elaborate project treasures in its interior spaces the best of the most avant-garde design of the current times. This includes technology, furniture, appliances, lighting, etc.

The apartment is situated on the attic floor of a multi-family housing building, in the Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona, featuring 2 balconies which provide remarkable views.

The floor plan of the apartment includes 3 clearly marked area. The first one includes the spaces of the hall, living room, dining room and office. The second adjoining space, embracing the stairs and lifts, belongs to the kitchen-laundry room. The third space, the night area or suite, makes up 40% of the space. Here, the bedroom, the gym, the dressing room and the bathroom follow on succinctly from each other.

The interior is a minimalist work of art, made up of various styles; there is a look of the late 50’s America in the chosen style, pulled through the entire project. The furniture is almost sculptural, with geometry and fluidity at its core.

“Thank you so much, Luxury Lifestyle Awards for selecting us as the recipients of this incredible award. We love working with our diverse clients to transform spaces, and our team of professionals are always ready to take on a new, exciting project, offering personalized services.”

View Molins Design’s website for more detailed information at  https://molinsdesign.com/es/


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