Melanie Interior Design – Creating Luxury Interiors That Feel Like Home

There’s a fine line between just a beautifully designed, impeccably furnished room and a welcoming place that feels like a warm and cozy home from the first seconds. This sense of home is created by a combination of many aspects, among which the experience and talent of the designer play just as important a role as the personality of the resident. Melanie Interior Design, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category The Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Austria, creates exquisite commercial and residential interior projects that feature a unique atmosphere with a touch of refinement.

Melanie Interior Design is the brainchild of Melanie Treffers, who has extensive experience in styling, fashion collection design, and commercial advertising. Melanie’s unique style comes from her rich and varied professional experience, love of fashion, and outdoor lifestyle. These ingredients are embodied in Melanie Interior Design’s inimitable mix of classic and contemporary.

Melanie Treffers founded Melanie Interior Design in 2014 as a full-service design company working on residential and commercial projects. It is essential for her to work with clients as closely as possible to design or redesign their homes and spaces. This style of collaboration allows her to create projects that most accurately reflect each client’s style and personality, as well as take into account all of their needs. This way, regardless of the purpose of the interior, the client gets a space that feels like home as soon as you enter it.

“It is a great honor for me personally and the entire Melanie Interior Design team to win the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. I believe that when you do your best and are attentive to the client’s requests, the best result is assured. The recognition by LLA is further proof of that,” said Melanie Treffers.

Each of the interiors created by Melanie is unique, but at the same time, her works are always easy to recognize by their inherent refined simplicity and emphasized luxury. In her designs, she chooses a combination of clean lines and natural materials to suit the home’s surroundings.

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