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Maria Bravo Consulting – Winners of Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Portugal for 2022

Maria Bravo Consulting has been recognized by the industry experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and been awarded for Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Portugal, 2022. The dynamic company is made up of an experienced and innovative team and partners, specialized in real estate investments. The firm advises and support their clients in all matters related to real estate investments and offers a full range of services that include legal advice, real estate marketing and sourcing, consulting, and property management. The team evaluates and develops strategic action plans that create value for their clients, and they can create ideal negotiations which always guarantee high quality services. They are dedicated to simplifying the lives of their clients and are a one stop shop for all real estate requirements.

Founder Maria Bravo is a real estate professional with over 15 years of experience in financial, commercial and team management areas. Maria focuses on national and international clients alike and she has accumulated extensive experience that has allowed her to develop excellent service skills and problem-solving solutions. Maria and her team pay attention to every detail and today, Maria successfully runs the consulting firm and has been able to work with a diverse portfolio of HNWI clients. The mission at Maria Bravo Consulting is to offer clients suitable enough solutions to meet their goals, whether they are buyers or sellers, and they continually focus on service improvement to meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. They apply the highest standard of excellence and believe that the key to success is problem solving and providing ideal solutions.

The team is focused on the development of long-term relationships and trust with their clients, and they listen, evaluate, and develop strategic action plans to add value to them. The firm is governed by strong core guiding values and principles, and they believe in honesty, integrity, leadership, respect, quality, commitment to excellence and exceeding client’s expectations. They strive to continue to be the best and heir company values govern the way they behave work and make decisions.

‘We are delighted to have been recognized by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards and awarded for Best Luxury Boutique Real Estate Brokerage in Portugal, 2022. Our firm is governed by core guiding principles and values, and myself and my team believe in honesty, integrity, leadership, respect, quality, commitment to excellence and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We continue to expand our portfolio and grow each year, and we are proud about our global recognition,’ Maria Bravo, Founder, Maria Bravo Consulting

For more details, please visit: https://www.mariabravoconsulting.com/

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