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Maleza for Fashion that Offers Quality and Timeless Elegance


The Maleza fashion brand is dedicated to its clear vision to always create distinct pieces for the modern woman to wear with confidence. They take pride in placing emphasis on ensuring every item they produce is long-lasting and suitable for multiple occasions – becoming a vital addition to its owner’s wardrobe. This is why Maleza has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the recipient of a prestigious award in the category of Best Luxury Niche Fashion Brand in Croatia 2021.

The company also believes in maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times. Fabric choice are carefully made based on their feel and durability rather than based on financial savings, and the company chooses these materials from a selection from all over the world. When it comes to the manufacture of garments, every collection is produced as a limited series making for a unique and exceptional offering.

Maleza is proud to be guided by principles of Slow Fashion. This means that each carefully created item in their collection takes a long and thoughtful process. Some items of clothing have been known to take up to 100 hours of specialized work to create the superior and durable finished product that the company strives for. They offer a range of elegant blouses and shirts, unique dresses to suit every occasion, a striking wedding dress collection, trend-setting suits and comfortable nightwear as well as stylish options for the younger generation.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as a winner by the specialists at Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Niche Fashion Brand in Croatia 2021. Our customers truly appreciate our commitment to creating clothes that stand out for their difference and make their wearers feel feminine and beautiful whatever their age or size. It is highly gratifying to me to have this achievement recognized,” Danijela Gazdek Jovanovski, Owner of Maleza, Croatia.


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