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MADE IN Studio Brings Historical Building to Life in Hotel Revamp

When founding architect Carlo De Paolo established MADE IN Studio – Arc. Carlo De Paolo in 2008, his main objective was to design inspiring buildings that had a lasting impact. Little did he imagine that almost 15 years later, they would be working on internationally recognized projects and winning prestigious awards such as the Luxury Lifestyle Awards title of Best Luxury Hotel Interior Renovation in Italy.

The award was given in recognition of MADE IN Studio’s exemplary work on Palazzo Alma, a luxury establishment located in Casarano, in the region of Puglia. According to De Paolo, the brief for the project “was to revive a forgotten architecture, giving new functionality to the space with elegance” – with great finesse, MADE IN Studio delivered on this.

Specifically, MADE IN Studio’s use of a neutral base enhances the architectural details and amplifies the beauty of the materials used, creating a comfortable environment that is in a vibrant dialogue with the present, while allowing you to experience the fullness of the building’s past. The building is located in the historic center of the city of Casarano, in Salento, which is an important tourist destination in Southern Italy. It was transformed into a hotel, with part that is above ground having been built circa 1800. The cellar is older.

At the revamped Palazzo Alma, there are 4 large rooms where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere rich in history that speaks of sophistication and ancient luxury. All the various elements were made to measure by the best local artisans. This was a deliberate decision by MADE IN Studio, as the lead architect De Paolo wanted to combine the ancient techniques and tradition of the place with contemporary elements that connect the hotel to the current time.

On winning the Luxury Lifestyle Award, De Paolo commented: “It is a real pleasure to receive this award, as working on the Palazzo Alma renovation was an honor for me and the team. The building is rich in history, which we are proud to have regenerated and given it a new sense of vibrancy. To be recognized for this work is thus a great pleasure. Thank you.”

For more about MADE IN Studio – Arc. Carlo De Paolo, visit http://www.madeinstudio.it

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