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Sailing to Success: Luxury Charter Madeira Wins Best Luxury Yacht Experience 2024

Luxury Yacht Experience


Luxury Charter Madeira, established in 2023 by Pedro Mendes Gomes, offers premium yacht charters around Madeira, Desertas, and Porto Santo. Committed to delivering exceptional service and unique maritime experiences, Luxury Charter Madeira ensures that every voyage is a memorable adventure tailored to the desires of its guests. 

Luxury Charter Madeira has been selected as the winner of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2024 for Best Luxury Yacht Experience in Madeira, Portugal. This recognition highlights the company’s exceptional service in providing luxury yacht experiences. 

Owned and managed by Pedro Mendes Gomes, Luxury Charter Madeira has rapidly become a frontrunner in luxury yacht charters since its inception. With a deep passion for creating unforgettable maritime adventures, Pedro Mendes Gomes has cultivated an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting guests to explore Madeira’s stunning coastlines and hidden treasures. 

Luxury Charter Madeira engages customers emotionally by offering exclusive access to beautiful private beaches only reachable by boat. Imagine savoring a delightful lunch on board while surrounded by the serene beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s a relaxing day with family or an exhilarating outing with friends, every moment on a Luxury Charter Madeira yacht is designed to be extraordinary. 

At Luxury Charter Madeira, each customer is treated to a bespoke experience tailored to their desires. Guests can choose between a 4-hour or 7-hour trip, allowing them to explore Madeira’s Southern Coastline at their leisure. With the freedom to stop for a swim at any picturesque spot, the journey becomes a personal adventure, perfectly crafted to suit individual preferences. 

Luxury Charter Madeira stands out for its devotion to safety, comfort, and exceptional service. Every voyage includes a skilled skipper and an attentive crew member dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and luxurious experience. Guests are invited to select the itinerary that best matches their vision of the perfect day at sea, making each trip uniquely special. 

Luxury Charter Madeira offers trips on their Princess V58 yacht, which features modern oak finishes and a blue hull. The yacht accommodates 12 guests and includes a master bedroom, a VIP room, and a twin cabin, all with air conditioning and Bose stereo systems. It has a cruising speed of 20 knots and a maximum speed of 35 knots, powered by two MAN 1600 HP engines. The yacht departs from Quinta da Lorde, Caniçal, and provides a luxurious experience exploring Madeira Island and surrounding areas. 

Explore the pristine waters around the islands of Madeira, Desertas, and Porto Santo with Luxury Charter Madeira, and discover why they are the best in their class. For more information or to book your exclusive yacht experience, please visit https://luxurychartermadeira.com/. 


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