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An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Ferren Rajput (CEO) of ONEflight International, winner for Best Luxury Private Jet Charter Broker in USA, 2023


ONEflight International is one of the world’s leading private aviation companies. With over a decade of experience in the industry, our guest today has built ONEflight International into an innovative brand that offers luxury private jet travel to discerning customers around the globe. Therefore it comes as no surprise that ONEflight International has recently been awarded the Luxury Lifestyle Awards title for Best Luxury Private Jet Charter Broker in USA, 2023.

In this interview, we have the privilege of diving deep into the world of private aviation with CEO Mr. Ferren Rajput. We will explore ONEflight International’s unique approach to delivering unparalleled luxury travel experiences. Furthermore, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry today, gaining valuable insights into the future of private aviation.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Welcome! It is an absolute pleasure to meet with you today Ferren. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Congratulations on your recent win, in the category of Best Luxury Private Jet Charter Broker in USA, 2023! What a remarkable achievement! Tell us what went through your mind upon receiving the fantastic news.

Ferren Rajput: My immediate reaction was WONDERFUL and immense appreciation. This award serves as validation that our efforts align with the expectations of our customers, setting the standard for our company’s excellence

LLA: What inspired you to start ONEflight International, and what was your vision for the company when you first started?

FR: As a passionate pilot, I recognized the challenges and fragmentation within the private aviation industry compared to the more streamlined airline industry. Leveraging my technological expertise, I aimed to revolutionize the industry by integrating all its fragmented components onto a single platform. My motivation stems from the pursuit of achieving the seemingly impossible, especially when industry leaders express doubt. My vision was to bring together all these fragments, simplifying and enhancing the entire private aviation experience for consumers. We are doing this now with our Book-A-Jet platform, BAJit.

LLA: What motivates and drives you to continue growing and improving ONEflight International, even after achieving so much success?

FR: Our mission is not yet complete. Although we have made tremendous progress, there is still much to build. We are essentially a software and technology company that focuses on streamlining logistics and integrating various elements into our Book-A-Jet platform, BAJit. While the journey has been challenging, we thrive on these obstacles as a company.

LLA: How do you balance your professional responsibilities with your personal life, and what do you do to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

FR: First and foremost, I am passionate about both my work and my family. As we operate in the aviation business, travel is a significant part of our lives. Fortunately, my family is deeply involved in the company. My wife plays an integral role, overseeing concierge services, and my eldest son is Gulfstream III type rated and serves as one of our pilots. While most of my days revolve around business, the involvement of my family allows for a seamless integration of work and personal life. It entails coordinating work schedules with our general life schedules.

LLA: What do you consider to be your greatest strength as a leader, and how have you developed this strength over time?

FR: Leading by example, strength, and unwavering commitment are crucial to me. I firmly believe that anything is possible. Embracing challenges is what drives me. My passion and commitment are pivotal in instilling a belief system within the team, fostering trust in both me as a leader and our products. I lead by creating an environment that promotes comfort, collaboration, and ensuring everyone feels supported during adversities, ultimately fostering a culture of collective success

LLA: How do you foster a culture of innovation and creativity within ONEflight International, and what steps do you take to encourage your employees to think outside the box?

FR: Thinking outside the box is ingrained in our DNA. As the leader of the pack, it is my responsibility to set the tone, providing guidance for innovative and creative thinking. Failure is not an obstacle but rather a stepping stone. It is essential to embrace failures as valuable learning experiences and continue moving forward. Failure, when viewed positively, unlocks our potential for growth. At ONEflight International, I encourage everyone to see obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

We constantly monitor market trends and explore prevailing challenges. Our approach involves listening to people, understanding their problems, and developing tailored solutions. Our mantra is centered on problem-solving and customer-centricity. By addressing their pain points, we deliver beyond expectations, which ensures their satisfaction and our own success.

LLA: What are the most significant challenges you’ve faced while growing ONEflight International and how did you overcome them?

FR: On a day-to-day basis, the primary challenge revolves around securing the next sale and determining when it will materialize. We have built our company from the ground up, organically acquiring customers one at a time, without relying on external investments. Maintaining this independent approach has allowed us to sustain ourselves naturally and avoid fragmenting the company. Independence has also allowed us to avoid the pressures and pitfalls of others in private aviation who are burdened by outside investment. While some large names are struggling financially and structurally, we remain stable and secure and are in a position to continue our journey without compromising our vision.

LLA: How do you approach innovation and staying ahead in the private aviation industry, and what new technologies or trends do you see shaping the industry in the coming years?

FR: As a technology-driven company, we focus on solving the various challenges within the private aviation space systematically. The space itself has many different companies and operators. The key difference between what we do and what the operators do is that we are the technology that puts them under one platform, our Book-A-Jet platform, BAJit. We develop the technology to create the software to create the solutions. We also provide industry-leading customer service to our members—with benefits such as complimentary chauffeured car service and onboard catering, guaranteed availability, and recovery 24/7—but it’s the technology that truly sets us apart.

LLA: Can you share a particular moment or decision that you’re particularly proud of during your tenure as CEO of ONEflight International?

FR: Every day presents new learning opportunities and challenges, making it difficult to pinpoint a single moment. However, navigating the pandemic and emerging stronger from the crisis stands out as a critical achievement. Witnessing our team’s resilience and unity during such a challenging period fills me with pride, and helped set us up for how robust, stable, and secure we are today.

LLA: What advice can you give any inspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses, based on your own experience?

FR: Being a true entrepreneur differs significantly from running a conventional business. By becoming an entrepreneur, you embark on a journey of constant growth, risk-taking, and progress. Embrace the possibility of failure, as a conservative mindset will only hinder your potential. Take risks, be resilient, and remain committed to your vision. Don’t be afraid to stand up and try again when faced with obstacles.

LLA: Finally what are your long-term goals for ONEflight International, and how do you plan to achieve them?

FR: Our foremost long-term goal is to finalize our software, which acts as the foundation for our operations. As the software continues to evolve, we will embark on additional developments. Currently, our primary focus lies in resolving the issues we identified 13 years ago by bringing the private jet community together on one platform, working in harmony. Our Book-A-Jet platform BAJit does that. We aim to enhance the booking process and ensure transparency, providing customers with peace of mind, which is the essence of flying private. Our ultimate vision is to become the Uber of private aviation.

For more about Oneflight International visit https://oneflight.net/about-us/


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