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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Presents the TOP 100 Best Luxury Influencers and Bloggers in the World

More recently, to gain insight into the latest trends and news of the luxury industry, you had to read trade magazines or watch TV shows where professional journalists and celebrities guided the views and tastes of recipients in the right direction. Today we can safely say that primacy in coverage of the world of luxury and marketing campaigns is shifting to Influencers and bloggers. Bright personalities creating inspiring and memorable content with active communities of followers are bringing luxury brands closer to new audiences, influencing their purchasing decisions. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards team presents the TOP 100 Best Luxury Influencers and Bloggers in the World, featuring the leading personalities who define luxury every day.

Having started in the field of the best exclusive products and services in 2008, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards have been active participants in the luxury industry over the years and have had the opportunity to observe its evolution. One of the key changes in the sector has been the digitalization of media content and its transition to online. This, in turn, has opened up opportunities for talented content creators to show their best qualities by broadcasting a sophisticated sense of taste and views on the luxury lifestyle to audiences of millions.

Today, luxury influencers and bloggers have become the authoritative guides to the luxury sector for a large number of consumers. They have earned the trust of users to choose and buy exclusive products and services of the highest quality.

The intimacy, positive emotions, and meaningful connections that influencers create are important not only for consumers, but also for luxury brands. The industry knows many examples of how a personalized relationship between a brand and its customers is the way to build audience trust and present its best features. Top bloggers and influencers are the best intermediaries for building these relationships, acting as a liaison between luxury brands and their audiences.

Here you can enjoy the Global Luxury Winners Report on the in-depth study about the luxury influencer market, conducted by Luxury Lifestyle Awards: LLA Global Luxury Winners Report for Best Luxury Influencers and Bloggers 2022

Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts have shortlisted the world’s most trusted Influencers, whose credibility is proven by LLA wins and the trust of millions of followers. Check out the list below of the world’s top 100 influencers and bloggers who benefit both luxury brands and their audiences by helping them find each other and build lasting trust between them:

  1. izkiz
  2. Tara Milk Tea 
  3. Leonie Hanne
  4. Lorna Luxe
  5. world of wanderlust
  6. Amelia Liana
  7. Murad and Nataly Osmann
  8. The Blonde Abroad
  9. Studio McGee Blog
  10. Design Milk 
  12. Christina Tan
  14. Becki Owens
  15. Jack Morris
  16. Style by Emily Henderson
  17. Jeremy Austin
  18. chris LOVES julia
  19. The Luxe Insider
  20. Caviar & Cashmere
  21. Cococozy
  22. The Luxury Traveller
  23. Chelsea Kauai
  24. LUXEAT
  25. EyeSwoon
  27. Pilot Madeleine
  28. Southern Curls & Pearls
  29. Women’s Concepts
  30. Lark & Linen
  31. Luxe Digital
  32. Salty Luxe
  33. Kristine Pressley
  34. Lux Life London
  35. Liz Marie Blog
  36. krumbled
  37. Trendy with a passport
  38. Young Adventuress
  39. Apartment34
  40. Dukes Avenue
  41. Carmen’s Luxury Travel
  42. Suite Life
  43. The Luxury Editor
  44. Melissa Findley
  45. Coco Lapine Design
  46. The Design Files
  48. The Beauty Look Book
  49. Zeeba Life
  50. Pierre Schuester
  51. Decorilla Blog
  52. Shiva Safai Houweling
  53. NewBeauty
  54. Luxury Columnist
  55. Ania B
  56. Sweet Like Oyin
  57. Jetset Christina
  58. SA Décor & Design
  59. Sheer Luxe
  60. Lauren Bullen
  61. I am Aileen
  62. decor8
  63. Interior Style Hunter
  64. Ruth Crilly
  65. Csaba Hubert
  66. Silvia Lawrence
  67. Uniquely Julz
  68. Farh from Ordinary
  69. Cate St Hill
  70. La Dolce Vita
  71. Priscilla Eslo
  72. Off The Path
  73. Julie Sariñana
  74. Lauren Conrad
  75. One World Just Go
  76. Hygge for Home
  77. Wanderful Traveler
  78. Every Steph
  79. Notes of a Northerner
  80. The Inspired Room
  81. Pierre Blake
  82. The StyleTraveller
  83. The Wining Hills
  84. Girl gone Abroad
  85. Georgina Patient
  86. Cassandra Lavalle
  87. Carl Cunard
  88. Kelley Flanagan
  89. Living my best Style
  90. J&B Global
  91. Shalini Chopra
  92. The Simply Luxurious Life
  93. Naomi Jane Adams
  95. Take my heart everywhere
  96. Girl Eat World
  97. The Road Les Traveled
  98. Philip Deml
  99. Jessica Carrie Lee
  100. Sofia Krarad

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