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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Celebrates PEOPLE’s Win for Best Luxury Resort Architecture

Best Luxury Resort Architecture


Luxury Lifestyle Awards proudly announce PEOPLE as the recipient of the esteemed title of Best Luxury Resort Architecture for their groundbreaking project, Magma Resort Santorini, in Greece. 

PEOPLE, a pioneer at the intersection of the built environment and technology sectors, has once again set the industry standard by seamlessly blending innovation with sustainability. With a commitment to responsible development, their team of leading Architects, Landscape Architects, MEP engineers, Structural engineers, Environmental Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers has crafted a masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of luxury resort architecture. 

Located in the serene village of Vourvoulos in Santorini, Greece, Magma Resort Santorini harmoniously merges with its natural surroundings, nestled amidst traditional ‘pezoules’ (large areas of cultivated land that follow geographic altitudes and are formed with stone walls) and volcanic landscapes. The project was born from a meticulous understanding of the client’s brief, navigating through strict planning constraints and incorporating locally sourced materials to pay homage to Santorini’s rich architectural heritage. 

The project’s innovative approach shines through every aspect of its design and construction. Drawing inspiration from traditional Cycladic architecture, Magma Resort Santorini offers a contemporary interpretation of luxury hospitality while addressing the evolving needs of modern tourism. From its bioclimatic architecture to its A+ rating for energy efficiency, the resort sets a new standard for sustainable luxury. 

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious accolade from Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” said Sotirios Ptochos, Co-founder and Senior Executive at PEOPLE. “We enjoy creating meaningful projects that bring value and joy to clients and users alike. Magma Resort Santorini is a testament to our dedication to creating spaces that elevate the guest experience while upholding our responsibility to our planet.” 

The benefits of Magma Resort Santorini extend beyond its luxurious amenities. By employing state-of-the-art techniques and prioritizing local resources, the project creates employment opportunities for the surrounding community while minimizing its environmental footprint. The resort’s high energy efficiency systems and automated technologies further underscore its commitment to sustainability. 

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, Magma Resort Santorini stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence. By seamlessly blending luxury, sustainability, and cultural authenticity, PEOPLE has redefined the paradigm of luxury resort architecture. 

For more information about award-winning PEOPLE, please visit: https://www.people-b.com/  


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