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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Announces the Launch of International Sustainable Awards


The most prominent and significant achievements of the luxury sector are, in one way or another, related to the pursuit of sustainability and environmental care. Successful and profitable businesses are focused on a better future, which largely depends on the level of environmental awareness of the leading representatives of the industry. To recognize the best of them and celebrate successes in the field of positive environmental sustainability, Luxury Lifestyle Awards announces the launch of the International Sustainable Awards initiative.

International Sustainable Awards by Luxury Lifestyle Awards aims to recognize and honor individuals, companies, corporations, programs, and projects that strive for a better future and are committed to making a positive impact on nature and society. ISA is a global award focused on stimulating environmental progress and sustainability, ultimately designed to support and inspire enthusiasts around the world to pay maximum attention to environmental awareness.

Receiving the International Sustainable Awards is a prestigious achievement that gives the recipient a number of important benefits to reinforce their honorary status as a leader in sustainability. In terms of effective interaction with other market players, the award recipients have the opportunity to find like-minded companies, celebrate victory on the path to a shared better future, and increase their investment attractiveness.

ISA’s influential initiative allows the world’s leading companies involved in sustainability to showcase their success stories and combine the lessons learned to change the future for the better. Moreover, earning the International Sustainable Award is a powerful motivator and a way to boost team morale for further achievements.

Recipients of the International Sustainable Awards can receive a comprehensive package of tools for effective online promotion, including an ISA logo, digital certificate, profile creation on the Luxury Lifestyle Awards website and its publication on the LLA social media and E-mail Newsletter. The merchandise package includes the ISA Trophy, Framed Certificate, and the book “Sustainable Marketing: A Holistic Approach” by Mark Peterson.

By selecting and recognizing the best companies making a significant contribution to a better world of the future, the International Sustainable Awards itself supports an important initiative to protect the earth’s water resources. Oceana is an international organization dedicated to protecting our oceans through science-based, specific policy campaigns with clear goals and time-bound deadlines. ISA donates 10% of the profits from its partnerships to Oceana to support the foundation’s important and noble work.

Don’t miss the opportunity to raise your company brand and credibility today. Apply for the 2022 ISA Awards now!


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