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Sandra Costa Design Group Awarded for Modern Kitchen Design in California

Sandra Costa Design Kitchen


Sandra Costa Design Group (SCDG), a renowned full-service architectural and interior design firm, has been crowned the winner of Best Luxury Kitchen Design in California, in 2024 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. SCDG is a global leader in bespoke interiors with incredible craftsmanship.

Founded in 1996 by Sandra Costa, SCDG has established itself as a leader in the industry, delivering exceptional projects in prestigious locations worldwide. From the iconic neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Bel Air to international destinations like Canada, Asia, and Paris, SCDG’s portfolio showcases timeless elegance and modern sophistication.

The award-winning project, “Modular Luxury Induction Kitchen at its Best,” exemplifies SCDG’s focus on innovation and sustainability. Designed and manufactured in California, this state-of-the-art kitchen combines cutting-edge induction cooking technology with captivating aesthetics. Every detail, from the custom-built cabinetry to the selection of electric appliances, has been thoughtfully created to deliver unbeatable performance and style.

The project, which encompassed a full renovation, presented unique challenges due to the property’s location on the third floor of a high-rise building carved into the mountains on the Bluff side of Santa Monica Beach. Overcoming obstacles and 3000 square feet of unleveled concrete floors, Sandra Costa’s expertise as a design and general contractor ensured a seamless transformation. The result is a breathtaking space that marries functionality with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Sustainability lies at the core of SCDG’s design philosophy, and this project is no exception. The use of eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable stainless steel for the custom cabinetry and large slabs of Italian porcelain for the flooring, showcases their commitment to creating environmentally conscious spaces. Additionally, energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the kitchen not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions but also provides a low-maintenance and sustainable lighting solution.

Beyond their remarkable design achievements, SCDG offers a comprehensive range of services, including mid to large remodels, new build projects, custom furniture, and built-in cabinetry. With a diverse team of global design and construction professionals, SCDG combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver exceptional results tailored to the individuality and priorities of their discerning clientele.

Sandra Costa Design Group’s work extends far beyond the borders of California. With completed projects in Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Canada, the Bahamas, Israel, Singapore, France, Hawaii, and Dubai, they have left an indelible mark on high-profile international homes.

“We want to extend a huge thank you to Luxury Lifestyle Awards for this honor. We are very proud of this project and are excited for the world to see it!”, said Founder, Sandra Costa,

For more information about Sandra Costa Design Group and their award-winning projects, please visit https://sandracosta.com/

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