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A New Era in Saudi Arabian Hospitality: Sheybarah Hotel by Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe


Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe proudly has earned its latest accolade as the winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Resort Development in Saudi Arabia 2023 for its extraordinary Sheybarah Hotel.

Established in 2000, Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe has solidified its reputation as an engineering and manufacturing powerhouse, specializing in bespoke structures, architectural glass, metalworks, and more. The company’s extensive portfolio includes architectural steel, weathered steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, special alloys, as well as brass, bronze, and copper. Grankraft has also expanded its expertise into Fit-Out works, including bespoke fixtures, furniture, and equipment (FF&E).

What sets Grankraft apart is its passion for customization. Recognizing that each client brings unique goals, challenges, and preferences, Grankraft has perfected a comprehensive customization process. This process involves gathering client information, expert team collaboration, and crafting personalized solutions that consider not only immediate needs but also long-term visions.

Suhaila Al Najjar, when asked about the award, expressed that “The most important priority to Grankraft in this award is recognition for innovative contributions. Being recognized for innovative achievements encourages a culture of creativity and forward-thinking.”

Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe has successfully ventured into various industry sectors, including Cultural, Hotel and Residential, Commercial, Retail, Workspace, Public Art, Entertainment, Transportation, and Mixed-Use Buildings. Furthermore, the company has developed strong partnerships with leading engineering and architectural universities to nurture the next generation of professionals.

The award-winning Sheybarah Hotel, an exquisite project, boasts spacious interiors inspired by luxury yachts and panoramic sea views. Each overwater villa features a 3D stainless-steel façade, an infinity pool, and sliding doors that lead to decks. The hotel excels in delivering a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, offering elegant accommodations, personalized service, spa and wellness facilities, fine dining, modern amenities, and breathtaking views.

But Sheybarah Hotel’s excellence doesn’t stop at luxury. Grankraft’s dedication to sustainability shines through in the project. Every aspect is meticulously designed to minimize environmental impact, from construction methods to energy sources, setting a shining example for eco-conscious endeavors.

Innovative logistics play a vital role in the project’s success, with villa capsules prefabricated in Grankraft’s Dubai facilities and then shipped to the installation location. This approach not only enhances quality but also reduces costs and construction time while improving on-site safety.

“A huge thank you to Luxury Lifestyle Awards for this great honor. We intend to continue to provide our clients with a sustainable and bespoke solution for their unique needs, says Suhaila Al Najjar”, Chief Executive Officer.

For more information about Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe and its industry-leading model for efficiency and sustainability, visit https://grankraft.com/


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