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Luxury Air Travel Redefined by Private Jets Europe’s Unmatched Services


Luxury Lifestyle Awards, one of the most prestigious global award programs that celebrate luxury companies across different industries, has announced that Private Jets Europe has won the title of Best Luxury Private Jet Charter Broker in Romania.

Private Jets Europe is a leading provider of private jet brokerage and VIP concierge services, specializing in delivering a luxurious and seamless travel experiences. With an unwavering commitment to safety, privacy, unparalleled comfort, time-saving, and top services, Private Jets Europe has been a pioneer in the industry and has continued to redefine luxury air travel.

With a wide range of private jets available, including light, midsize, and heavy jets, Private Jets Europe offers flexibility and customization that commercial airlines simply can’t match. Whether you’re traveling for business, seeking a romantic getaway, or planning a family vacation, Private Jets Europe is the ultimate solution for a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

Private Jets Europe provides a highly beneficial service for busy executives who prioritize efficiency and productivity in their business travels. By offering private jets, clients can easily schedule meetings in multiple locations, avoid long lines and delays, and travel in complete comfort and privacy. Private Jets Europe offers customers viable solutions in less than 30 minutes, ensuring that their travel needs are met promptly and efficiently.

With Private Jets Europe’s VIP concierge services, business travelers can focus on their work while their travel arrangements are taken care of. From arranging ground transportation to booking hotel accommodations, Private Jets Europe ensures that every aspect of the journey is effortless and hassle-free.

In addition, the company offers personalized services, making each customer feel special and customizing products or services to suit personal preferences. They cover a full range of services, both on-air and on the ground, in cooperation with top 5-star hotels and other top-ground service suppliers.

Additionally, Private Jets Europe can arrange private ambulance jets (MEDEVAC), ensuring a comprehensive range of services to meet all your needs.

Their commitment to innovation has resulted in accessing the #1 private jet sourcing & booking platform, connecting 900+ operators, 7000+ aircraft, and 8500+ destinations.

“Clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate reward for us, and we are honored to receive this recognition from Luxury Lifestyle Awards. It motivates us to continue to provide top-notch private jet brokerage and VIP concierge services, always striving for perfection in fulfilling our clients’ needs and desires,” said Cristian Octavian Frăsin, CEO and Founder of Private Jets Europe.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards congratulates Private Jets Europe on their well-deserved victory in the Best Luxury Private Jet Charter Broker in Romania category, and we look forward to seeing their continued success in the luxury travel industry.

To learn more about Private Jets Europe, please visit the website: https://privatejetseurope.com/

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