LOOTAH Perfumes Unveils Two New Fragrances for Him and Her


‘Petal’ and ‘Lavish’ are the embodiment of purity and simplicity

LOOTAH, creators of fine Oriental and French heritage-inspired contemporary perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud, fragrant oil, and agarwood, have launched two exquisite new fragrances for Him and Her.

Celebrating femininity, the new fragrance for women ‘Petal’ encapsulates purity and simplicity. With refreshing top notes of bergamot and vetiver, the wearer instantly feels calm and rejuvenated. Fragrant heart notes of saffron and cardamom accentuate the simplicity and elegance of the perfume. Finally, woody base notes create a warm halo that wraps the wearer in a delicate cocoon of luxury.

‘Lavish’ captures masculinity and is effortless and graceful. It also echoes purity and simplicity. Invigorating top notes of bergamot, lavender and oud blend together to create a fragrant symphony that elevates the wearer to a heightened state of awareness. Middle notes of cinnamon and jasmine add a touch of playfulness to the fragrance, while base notes of leather, patchouli and musk meld all the ingredients together to produce an exquisite effect.

Both fragrances will retail across stores in the UAE on 20 January and will be available in 100 ml bottles priced at 350 Dhs. Petal and Lavish will also be launched in a brand new packaging that captures the simplicity and purity of the fragrances.

LOOTAH Perfumes said: “We are excited to launch two new fragrances with very distinctive notes for Him and Her. Petal and Lavish are for the contemporary and stylish woman or man who are looking for a very subtle fragrance to complement their daily look. Both perfumes are elegant and subtle for everyday wear – and continue to change through the day –culminating in base notes that produce a long-lasting effect.”

As a leading heritage perfumery in the UAE, LOOTAH is rooted in the tradition and the knowledge of generations and produces contemporary fragrances that can satisfy even the most demanding consumers. LOOTAH also produce exquisite incenses and fragrant oud, keeping the age-old tradition of crafting the unique product alive. The brand recently won the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2017 in the ‘Luxury Perfume Category’ in the UAE.

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