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NewCity Developers Takes Home Top Honors at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for LINK Residencial in Mexico


Luxury Lifestyle Awards, a global recognition platform celebrating pinnacle achievements in the luxury industry, is thrilled to announce NewCity Developers as a winner in the Best Luxury High-Rise Living category for their exceptional LINK Residencial project in Tijuana, Mexico. 

NewCity Developers, a renowned name in the Mexican construction industry for 17 years, has built a solid reputation for creating high-quality projects that prioritize innovative design and a truly unique living experience for their clients. Their extensive portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects, including hospitals, residential homes, and hotels across the country. Each project exemplifies their dedication to exceeding client expectations and achieving unparalleled excellence. 

LINK Residencial embodies a revolutionary concept that seamlessly blends connection, trust, balance, and an unparalleled lifestyle. Technological innovation, unwavering security, and an aura of exclusivity set the stage for this remarkable project, poised to become the pinnacle of vertical living in Tijuana. 

Step into LINK Residencial and step into the future. Here, residents discover a haven that effortlessly integrates balance, luxury, security, spacious living areas, and a plethora of sophisticated amenities. The development boasts meticulously crafted interiors featuring the finest finishes, all situated in Tijuana’s most coveted location. 

The apartments showcase an avant-garde and innovative design philosophy. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of modern living, NewCity Developers has meticulously connected opportunities and needs, resulting in elegant lines, spacious layouts, and sophisticated materials that culminate in a proposal of unparalleled quality and character. Furthermore, LINK Residencial takes luxury living to a whole new level with its state-of-the-art Smart Living system, seamlessly integrating technology into everyday life, connecting residents to everything they love and need most. 

As the sole residential project in the city to merge technology, comfort, and luxury into a holistic living experience, LINK Residencial boasts an impressive array of amenities. Each amenity, whether experienced individually or collectively, is meticulously designed to redefine functionality and exclusivity. 

LINK Residencial comprises two sleek towers housing 120 luxurious apartments. Tower A boasts 36 floors (8-33 floors residential), while Tower B offers 34 floors (8-31 floors residential). Seven additional floors are dedicated to a comprehensive array of amenities. The design of these towers is a captivating interplay with the surrounding topography. A copper-colored skin gracefully envelopes the facades, creating a cohesive visual experience. The organic form of the towers further accentuates their beautiful continuity. This upward flow is complemented by a verdant green trail that climbs both towers, reinforcing a sense of connection with the natural landscape. 

“We are incredibly honored to receive this prestigious award from Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” says Penelope Escobar, PR Manager at NewCity Developers. “This recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of our entire team in creating a living experience that surpasses expectations. LINK Residencial represents the culmination of our vision to redefine luxury living in Tijuana, and we are confident it will set a new standard for years to come.” 

For more information, please visit: https://newcitydevelopers.com/link-residencial-developers-tijuana/  


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