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Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio: Artist, Architect & Artisan of Luxury

The Lázaro Rosa Violán Interior Design Studio is responsible for top-class designs for restaurants, hotels, shops, and private dwellings. The studio now wears the Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for Rocco Restaurant in Portugal.

At the age of eight, Rosa Violán staged his first painting exhibition. In later years, the artist was presented with the opportunity to design a restaurant on the Balearic Island of Formentera; this was the initial journey to continue to design various restaurants and hotels both in Barcelona and Madrid, and over time, the rest of the world.

The Interior Design studio began at a textile factory in the modernist Eixample district of Barcelona. Today, the LRV Studio consists of over 100 professionals, of 11 nationalities, with projects scattered over the cities of America, Asia, Europe, and North America.

The ethos behind the studio is to combine contemporary with the traditional, resulting in a comfortable home with a sense of history.

Lázaro Rosa Violán Interior Design professionals follow a design journey as depicted by Lazaro himself. Features of his design include a moody colour palette, soft mood lighting, detailed textured tiling, floral accents, and rich metallic trim. It is this depiction that has culminated in LRV’s Luxury Lifestyle Award for the Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for Rocco Restaurant.

About the Rocco Restaurant

The Rocco Restaurant is rich in every sense of the word. The colors, the patterns and the culture are rich. However rich, the space invites, the red carpet somehow draws one into the intriguing space. The experience in endless, even with multiple visits and in all likelihood, you won’t discover all there is to see as there are three distinctly different realms – dubbed the Rocco Universe.

First, we explore the Gastrobar – a more casual experience can be had in this space. The bar is luxuriously lined with liquor from all four corners of the globe that is served alongside complementary tapas.

Then we discover the Crudo Bar, which can be described as less fine and more festive than the other two parts of the Rocco Universe.

Last, but certainly not least, the Ristorante will demand your affection for its Italian gastronomy served in dishes with custom topography, in a setting that flows from the interior to the leafy alfresco exterior.

To view the Rocco Restaurant and other projects by Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio, please visit their social media on Instagram or website https://lazarorosaviolan.com/

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