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Interview with Thuy Mai, Owner and Creator of Made by TM


Intro: Made by TM is a wellness company creating unique alchemy candles hand-poured under the light of the full moon each month. Created by Thuy Mai, a Reiki healer and transformation guide, these beautiful products are natural, vegan and cruelty free. Made from 100% unblended soy wax, high quality oil fragrances and locally grown herbs, spices and flowers they bring a sense of calmness, well-being and balance to any environment. This is why they are this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Candle in Australia. The company was born out of a wellness travel provider having to adapt to the business world in the midst of the Covid pandemic. We spoke to Thuy Mai, Owner and Creator of Made by TM to discover her inspiration, goals and plans for the future. 

LLA: What is your inspiration behind setting up the company and producing the alchemy candles?

Made by TM: my inspiration came to me when I was stuck at home wondering what I was going to do during the never-ending lockdowns in Melbourne that are still present as I speak. I knew what our business core and purpose was so the inspiration came in alignment with everything that I was already doing -which is to help motivate the masses to heal, evolve and transform human consciousness so we can all pursue our purpose during our time on Earth. The candles are an extension of our core business as the fire element is a symbol of creation, destruction and transformation. Our candles are here to enhance and uplift your sacred sanctuary in all self-care activities you choose to engage in.

LLA: What is your background in the world of wellness and transformation?

Made by TM: in a solo self-discovery travel adventure across South America, I found myself in The Land of the Incas, Peru in 2017 where I was first introduced to plant medication practices in the Amazon. I began my wellness and transformation journey there where I volunteered at an Ayahuasca retreat and worked closely with the business for some time. This was also the foundation and inspiration behind my first wellness business aimed at Millennials and Gen Z (Travels by TM). In 2019, while I was in Peru running our first wellness retreat, I came across my Reiki teacher, Vento, whom I learned the concepts and practices of energy healing from and was welcomed into the Usui Reiki initiate path.

LLA: Can you describe the process of creating the candles from conception through pouring?

Made by TM: my creation process varies, sometimes I can create 3 new candles all in one night and on the other hand, I may sit on an idea or an intention for some months before a product is created. Generally, I would normally work with the moon phases of a particular month to manifest my intentions for a new candle design. My design creations are then guided upon a full moon cycle. I don’t have a particular order of processes from conception through to pouring. They often come together very randomly. The design can manifest itself first, then the materials, then the scent and likewise, it can be all alternative orders of these.

LLA: Can you explain the significance of the full moon in the process?

Made by TM: the moon has long been regarded as a divine symbol of esoteric alchemy and psychic powers. In astrology, all planets are considered as energy beings and the moon in particular, symbolizes the mind and emotions on the life of people on Earth. The energies of the full moon have the ability to amplify emotions and feelings – good or bad. The full moon is therefore a very useful phenomenon and can be synced with to release feelings and emotions and to harness feelings and emotions. The full moon elevates both healing intentions and the final design and touches of our creation process before a product is completed.

LLA: What is unique about your candles?

Made by TM: our candles are created under the phases of the moon cycle as you already know but what is especially unique about them is that each of them carries a part of my own story through my journey of self-discovery and healing.

LLA: Where do you source the various ingredients from?

Made by TM: all ingredients are sourced nationally in Australia from both local and interstate suppliers. Not all ingredients and materials are grown on Australian soil like our soy wax but they are sourced from Australian suppliers. The current situation of the pandemic has highlighted how important local suppliers are when it comes to logistic complications and delays. We want to entice customers to support local Australian businesses and bring manufacturing of various goods back to our country.

LLA: What sort of situations do you recommend your candles are best suited for?

Made by TM: our candles are suitable for all kind of activities. However, if I had to highlight its suitability, I’d say that they are best suited for creative activities. Light them when you are engaged in the creation process whether that’d be, brainstorming on a mind-map, painting a picture, drawing a concept, creating a sales funnel or writing a book.

LLA: What do you recommend individuals should be looking for when considering purchasing one of your candles?

Made by TM: I’m not quite sure what you should be looking for because only you would know! But what you shouldn’t be looking for is another candle brand. Flow with your instinct

LLA: Can you explain the role of crystals in the candles?

Мade by TM: each crystal chosen in a candle represent energetic properties of the intention of that candle. Crystals are known to carry different elements of healing energies and are utilized in many healing modalities and practices.

LLA: Talk us through the different collections and what the thinking is behind creating them.

Made by TM: the 3 main collections created so far were based on the moon cycle of a particular zodiac. The first collection was created during the full moon in Scorpio and 3 candles were created: Cleanse, Ground & Ignite candle, Renew & Activate candle and Vibrate Love & Harmony candle. Scorpios are known to be very psychic and intense in nature so this energy was perfect for our first candles. Our next collection was in the full moon in Sagittarius, the candles created were: A Faerie Affair and The Silver Lining. These were created during a chaotic time in our world and Sagittarians are known to be very open, optimistic and are lovers of freedom. Our third collection was created in the full moon of Aquarius, a zodiac who carries attributes of spontaneity, free-spirited and non-conformists. In this collection, we created Unlearn & Relearn which was intended to inspire change and transformation at all levels of self-awareness.

LLA: How do you make sure you minimise waste in your production process?

Made by TM: we’re generally really good with waste materials. If a batch of candles go wrong, there are usually many family members and friends that will gladly use them. Our packaging materials are recyclable, reusable and compostable therefore we have a peace of mind that our materials go back into the circular economy.

LLA: The company has a strong ethos aimed at giving back to the environment. How are you doing this?

Made by TM: we give back to the environment through our partnership with One Tree Planted. One percent of all candle revenue is donated to our partner to contribute to ambitious global reforestation goals worldwide. We have also carefully selected shipping couriers that are carbon-neutral only.

LLA: What are your plans for future development?

Made by TM: so many of our plans have taken a completely different shape or form. For now, we are going with the flow of each day but we can certainly visualize a future of core international exposures to our brand. Once we stabilize our main manufacturing plant here in Australia, we aim to have other headquarters in all 7 continents.

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