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An Exclusive Interview with Marcia Margolius, Head of Social Media, SA Décor and Design

With over three decades of experience in the décor and design market, Marcia Margolius is the Head of Social Media at SA Décor and Design and she and the team has recently been awarded a prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards title for Top 100 Best Luxury Influencers & Bloggers in the World for 2022. We spoke to her about the company’s three platforms, her approach to design, and the relevance of social media in the industry.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Congratulations on being recently chosen for an award for Top 100 Best Luxury Influencers & Bloggers in the World for 2022. How did you feel when you received the exciting news?

Marcia Margolius: We were so excited – we work so hard for all the brands on our platform and its always so nice to get recognition for that work, especially from an international platform like Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

LLA: What was the thinking behind the publication of the SA Décor and Design sourcing guide when you launched it 23 years ago?

MM: I was the local chairlady for the Guild of Interior Designers in Cape Town and during that year I received numerous enquiries from members of the trade as to where that could get the latest in fabrics or furniture and that sparked an idea that I should create a sourcing directory for the industry and that’s how I got started.

LLA: Where does your passion for interior design and decor come from?

MM: At school I was always creative and loved art, fashion, and interiors and so it was a natural progression to study something which allowed me to explore these passions. LLA: How would you describe your design style?

MM: I have always loved an eclectic style which is a mix of classical and minimalism with a dash of colour against neutral backgrounds.

LLA: Marcia Loves It!– Your blog has inspired many people in the decor and design industries. Please tell us some more about the blog and how it began.

MM: We started with the Buyers Guide in 1997 well before the advent of social media, started our website in the early 2000’s and integrated the Marcia Loves Blog into it many years ago. When Facebook and the other social media channels came to life, it didn’t take us long to start using these platforms to drive traction as well.

LLA: Where do you get your inspiration for the blog?

MM: Mainly from social channels I follow and those that reach out to me as well. I receive hundreds of email newsletters as well which all keep me up to date with what’s happening.

LLA: Tell us about your website and what it offers to your customer base.

MM: Its essentially a free to use sourcing platform where anyone whether they are trade or end-user, architect or interior designer, property developer or procurement agent can hop onto the platform and in the click of a few buttons can find all the suppliers, service providers, products, catalogues and even interesting content and stories housed in the blog. It’s a one stop shop for everything décor and design. 

LLA: As well as products, you recommend a selection of professionals in the industry, from architects to kitchen and bathroom designers and artists. How do you go about sourcing these professionals?

MM: Many are coming directly to us, but we do have a team contacting the industry as well to showcase what we have to offer. Our weekly newsletters also work very well in getting the right profile professional in contact with us.

LLA: Social media is a powerful tool in today’s society.  What role do you believe it plays in the design and decor market?

MM: It seems very powerful especially in the décor market with most suppliers marketing their furniture and décor accessories via Instagram and Facebook marketplace. In the past few years, it seems to have completely taken over from traditional ways of marketing and will continue to do so in the future.

LLA: Which social media platforms do you find to be the most effective in communicating with potential readers and customers?

MM: Instagram and Facebook seem to work best for our target markets.

LLA: What sort of condition is the interior design market in South Africa currently in? Are you seeing a lot of activity?

MM: We are – although the property markets have been impacted by the pandemic and more recently high interest rates and inflation have been having a negative influence, we do find that the décor industry has prevailed as many homeowners have spent more money on upgrading their homes.

LLA: What are your plans for the future of your different platforms – the book, website, and blog?

MM: We’re relaunching the printed version of the Décor & Design Buyers Guide in 2023 after a two-year hiatus. With Exhibitions and other marketing channels being available to us again, we believe it’s time to launch the Guide again.

The market agrees and sales so far have exceeded even our wildest expectations.

It will compliment our efforts on the website, blog, and social channels.

LLA: How important do you believe maintaining and developing your brand across the three platforms is?

MM: It’s vital that you change and adapt your strategy in a world of constant change.

For more information, visit https://www.sadecor.co.za/



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